The Weekly Fashionista: High-waists, tucked in shirts, & neon

Fashion is one of my loves so in honor of her (yes, fashion is a her) & my fashion blogs of olden days, I’ve decided to start posting daily my fashion likes/dislikes etc…

Back in middle & high school all the girls used to wear neon sports bras with white shirts, neon running shoes, and neon Nike running shorts during sports practice….I hated it.  I was like what is the point of wearing a shirt if everyone can see your whole sports bra anyway.  I never got neon running shoes back then but I did buy a pair of neon Nike running shorts…they are now my favorite pair!!!

If you look in my closet you will see a lot of dark and neutral colors, I like them, they look good on me and they can be worn at any time anywhere.  But you will also find some things that don’t seem to belong, these include my:

  • neon running shorts & shoes
  • high wasted pants
  • and neon sports bras

So yes I have gone back in time, just like the fashion trends of the day have done.

High-Waist Pants

I think that they are great because:

  • they lengthen your legs – which is especially good if you are 5’5 wanting to look taller like me!
  • they uber fashionable
  • and as long as you keep doing your tummy workouts they look great on everyone…including men if that is what you want to wear so be it 🙂

I have a pair as well, they are black and….I got them at a thrift store while I was shopping for business casual outfits…they look great!!!  They are a little big on me now, but they will do until I find a better pair: 

Tucking in your shirt

It is something I recently started doing when I want to give a new look to something I wear all of the time.  By simply tucking your shirt into a pair of shorts, like I did in this picture you can class up your look or just give way for room for a nice thin belt!


You probably cannot tell because of the lighting but in the above picture I am wearing a neon pink shirt with a neon blue sports bra, i think it looks great and that’s all that matters.  It’s my way of funking up my outfit and letting a bit of my personality show!!

So that’s it, feel free to share your fashion favorites with me below…and yes the opinion of the menfolk are welcome, fashion is what you describe it as not what society deems so 🙂


Picture of the Day: Evolution of Fat

Picture of the Day: Evolution of Fat

Pictures are something I really like and since I see so many funny ones I am going to start posting a picture everyday.

Today we have the Evolution of Fat, it was shown to me by my father. My father is the for the Wellness Coordinator at the company I am currently interning at aka he’s a health expert. He lives and breathes healthiness (he is seriously fit). But he also has a very funny, yet completely non PC sense of humor.

***All of this, along with my neat, overbearing (probably slightly bipolar) and loving mother led to me having a wonderful yet crazy childhood. And the really crazy thing is that I am a combination of all of their best…and their worst characteristics that along with my whimsical, save the world, sarcastic Aquarius self makes me practically two steps away from the loony bin. (Jk I am not really crazy, I just like to rant a lot (as you can probably tell).***

But back to the picture: After I first saw it there was no stopping the laughter, sad thing is it is very true. Regardless of you views on the beginning part of evolution you can probably with me that we went from a hunter-gatherer society, to a society that became truly evolved (I’m going to ignore all of the negatives for now) with technologies and industries that our hunter-gatherer selves did not/maybe only dreamed of.

And now, unfortunately, it seems that we are digressing:

~there is widespread obesity and not just with adults but with children too 😦
~wars that are waged in ways that never used to cause such destruction
~immense corruption
~failing worldwide economies
~global poverty and hunger
~the loss/eventual loss of many cultures

The list goes on and in my opinion this picture captures all of that. However I do seem to over-interpret things so this as usually is up to your interpretation and to any debate/conversation you want to have in the comments section below 🙂

Be careful what you wish for…

I’m currently sitting in my mother’s minivan, and I think I am about to die. It is so hot here, I love Texas but this is unbearable.

When I first got here in May for summer break I was overjoyed, not only to spend time with my family and friends but for a change in weather. I had been wishing for the sun every one it was cloudy or rainy in Boston (almost every day). Also I was always getting some kind of cold so I really wanted to get back to Texas and build my immune system back up, thankfully that’s working 🙂

Whomever says that wishes don’t come true is a liar because this one is definitely a reality but then again the saying be careful what you wish for is definitely very true as well.

I’m going to miss Texas, that’s for sure, and I’m not looking forward to the Boston rain, but this is too much.

Picture of the Day: Funny Lord of the Rings Obamacare Meme

In honor of Obamacare and the tons of scholars Facebook has creates (they are the reason I rarely go on) here’s a funny meme:

…it’s so true lol

Background story: Early Yesterday when I got an update from my Washington post app, about Obamacare passing I immediately shared it on Facebook to see what responses it would get. Two hours later there were posts everywhere about Obamacare. People I know who don’t even care about politics had something to say, and of course my very opinionated, über liberal Wellesley siblings had tons to say.

Not that I’m an expert about Obamacare but I do understand it well so when I see posts that make no sense or clearly show that someone hasn’t even bothered to look up a summary of the law (whether you disagree or agree with something you should always “know your stuff” before voicing your opinion) it can be a little annoying…but oh well that’s life.


Disclaimer: If you die of laughter I am not liable 🙂

Whimsically Yours,


Let’s Debate Obamacare

So as we all probably know Obamacare was ruled Constitutional by the Supreme Court yesterday. Now I know everyone is probably tired of everyone acting like a con law scholar…I’ll post a funny Lord of the Rings meme related to that later. But my main purpose in writing this is to spark a debate, discussion in the comments section of this post below 🙂

As a side not so people won’t think I’m babbling about things I don’t know about, I actually have studied and read the law thanks I research I did for an article on Obamacare I wrote for my newspaper in April, will post later, and my healthcare scholar political science professor.

Sooo personally I don’t like the individual mandate portion of the law…I don’t want to say I don’t like the whole thing because it hasn’t been given a chance to fully flesh out (prob and other 4 years for that since all of the ale hasn’t gone into effect yet).

I also don’t think that federal powers should be able to expand this far to cover healthcare, education etc…but we probably don’t want to go into that discussion but we can 🙂

I think we have too many programs to support people, I agree that they do serve a purpose, but there are always people who take advantage of such programs and thus mess everything up.

So let’s start the debate in the comments section below, tell me your thoughts about Obamacare, how you would change it/would you keep it the same, do you think the federal government should be able to order people to be insured even if it will supposedly help I keep healthcare insurance prices low???

Can’t wait to discuss/debate but don’t be childish or rude in your commenting 🙂