Book Review Policy

**Use this form to contact me after reading all of the below guidelines**

I am currently accepting Young Adult & Middle Grade as well as New Adult & Adult.

I do review books from indie-pubbed authors as long as they are in the genres I read, as stated above and below 🙂


  • I LOVE books set in non-Western cultures and/or featuring diverse casts (LGBTQ, POC, disabled characters, etc…)
  • I accept ARCs, finished copies, and digital copies (I prefer Kindle formatted books but PDFs are okay).
  • ~If the book is not the first book in a series of books I may need the previous books in order to do a thorough review.
  • I do NOT accept horror books.  I don’t mind, for example, Urban Fantasy books with some graphic imagery such as two favorites of mine: The Elemental Assassin Series and the Anita Blake Series.
  • I do NOT accept audio books.
  • I do NOT except erotica (I also don’t want really racy NA, I know erotica & NA aren’t the same, but my blog caters to a younger audience as well as I like to keep things PG/PG-13/17)

I do NOT accept overly preachy religious books -books with religion in them/religious themes are fine for instance I loved the Canaan Trilogy by Marek Halter.

I do NOT accept pure romance books – books with romantic themes are fine…I prefer my romance with a bite, ex. the Night Huntress Series but if you think I’ll like it, contact me, the worst is that I say no.


~Currently I will write a review for every book I get unless there are extenuating circumstances.

  • If circumstances arise that prevent me from reading a book/writing a review (other than me not liking the book) then I will notify you ASAP.

~I prefer to recieve books 1 month before the date you would like the book review to be published.

  • I am willing to make exceptions so it’s best just to email me 🙂

~My reviews will also be tweeted, posted on my Tumblr, Facebook Page, and Goodreads.

  • If you want the review posted on or please request that in your email

~I write reviews as honestly and objectively as I can.  

  • My reviews are my opinions and as such if I did not like a book then that will be reflected in my review.

~I will never write a rude or demeaning review.

  • If I give a book a low rating I will always to explain why I personally did not like the book in a separate paragraph.

If for some reason I do not finish the book, I will write a paragraph or two explaining why.


All reviews will include the following:
• Cover art
• Book stats: Title, author, publisher, page count, release date, series status
• Where I received the book
• A summary (from the publisher or author)
• My review
• Owl rating


I am always willing to make acceptations to any of the rules stated on this page if I have the time to do so.


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