Let’s Debate Obamacare

So as we all probably know Obamacare was ruled Constitutional by the Supreme Court yesterday. Now I know everyone is probably tired of everyone acting like a con law scholar…I’ll post a funny Lord of the Rings meme related to that later. But my main purpose in writing this is to spark a debate, discussion in the comments section of this post below 🙂

As a side not so people won’t think I’m babbling about things I don’t know about, I actually have studied and read the law thanks I research I did for an article on Obamacare I wrote for my newspaper in April, will post later, and my healthcare scholar political science professor.

Sooo personally I don’t like the individual mandate portion of the law…I don’t want to say I don’t like the whole thing because it hasn’t been given a chance to fully flesh out (prob and other 4 years for that since all of the ale hasn’t gone into effect yet).

I also don’t think that federal powers should be able to expand this far to cover healthcare, education etc…but we probably don’t want to go into that discussion but we can 🙂

I think we have too many programs to support people, I agree that they do serve a purpose, but there are always people who take advantage of such programs and thus mess everything up.

So let’s start the debate in the comments section below, tell me your thoughts about Obamacare, how you would change it/would you keep it the same, do you think the federal government should be able to order people to be insured even if it will supposedly help I keep healthcare insurance prices low???

Can’t wait to discuss/debate but don’t be childish or rude in your commenting 🙂


Share Your Thoughts :)

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