The Weekly Fashionista: High-waists, tucked in shirts, & neon

Fashion is one of my loves so in honor of her (yes, fashion is a her) & my fashion blogs of olden days, I’ve decided to start posting daily my fashion likes/dislikes etc…

Back in middle & high school all the girls used to wear neon sports bras with white shirts, neon running shoes, and neon Nike running shorts during sports practice….I hated it.  I was like what is the point of wearing a shirt if everyone can see your whole sports bra anyway.  I never got neon running shoes back then but I did buy a pair of neon Nike running shorts…they are now my favorite pair!!!

If you look in my closet you will see a lot of dark and neutral colors, I like them, they look good on me and they can be worn at any time anywhere.  But you will also find some things that don’t seem to belong, these include my:

  • neon running shorts & shoes
  • high wasted pants
  • and neon sports bras

So yes I have gone back in time, just like the fashion trends of the day have done.

High-Waist Pants

I think that they are great because:

  • they lengthen your legs – which is especially good if you are 5’5 wanting to look taller like me!
  • they uber fashionable
  • and as long as you keep doing your tummy workouts they look great on everyone…including men if that is what you want to wear so be it 🙂

I have a pair as well, they are black and….I got them at a thrift store while I was shopping for business casual outfits…they look great!!!  They are a little big on me now, but they will do until I find a better pair: 

Tucking in your shirt

It is something I recently started doing when I want to give a new look to something I wear all of the time.  By simply tucking your shirt into a pair of shorts, like I did in this picture you can class up your look or just give way for room for a nice thin belt!


You probably cannot tell because of the lighting but in the above picture I am wearing a neon pink shirt with a neon blue sports bra, i think it looks great and that’s all that matters.  It’s my way of funking up my outfit and letting a bit of my personality show!!

So that’s it, feel free to share your fashion favorites with me below…and yes the opinion of the menfolk are welcome, fashion is what you describe it as not what society deems so 🙂


Share Your Thoughts :)

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