The Weekly Fashionista: The Lace Edition

This is a special edition of the Weekly Fashionista post, usually in this post we would cover three hot fashion items but

in honor of this season’s hottest trend we have decided to only focus on one thing:



Lace is everywhere and on everyone.  It is the perfect summertime fabric: it is light, breezy, flirty, pretty, and it comes in many colors and styles.

You can get a lace clothing item in any shape however the most popular lace items are the lace top and the lace dress.

The lace top is a marvelous thing.  It comes in many varieties.  You can buy flowy lace sleeveless tops, snug lace long sleeve tops, or you could just buy a shirt that has lace designs intermixed with other fabric types.

In my closet I have a sung quarter-length lace top that has flower designs, a lace top that has lace on the front and with a cotton front underneath and on the back, and a plain lace tank top that is almost completely see-through.

I think what I love the most about lace tops is that they are great for layering.  You can wear a bandeau bra under one for a night out, or you can put a colorful tank top under one and pair it with some black slacks or a pencil skirt for a fun addition to your usual business casual attire.

A lace top is a must, I prefer white lace because I feel that it is more versatile for my layering taste but black and pink lace are other popular lace colors that look great as well.

The lace dress:

Lace dresses come in many styles, just like lace tops.  I have a cream colored lace dress with quarter length sleeves that comes to my knees.  It is gorgeous.  It can be easily dressed up and down.  I have worn it to go to places and events such as brunch, the mall, church, and even to an interview (when paired with a nice black blazer and flats).

It too is a must have item.

I also have a shorter pale pink lace dress that I often wear on a girl’s’ day out with a cute pink or black belt.    I got it at Forever 21 for around $15…it was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made at that store.

But say you want something a little more “sexier”, something that will still be appropriate to wear during the day time but good for the nighttime as well.  If that is the case then I suggest you go and get you one of the ever popular tight lace dresses that I see popping up everywhere.

You can find them and other lace dresses and tops at every women’s fashion/department store that is similar to the likes of Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Love Culture, and H&M.  The prices range from $6 (the lowest I have seen for a lace top at Love Culture) to who knows what, although usually you can buy a good lace dress for no more than $30.

So in honor of Whimsically Yours, The Weekly Fashionista, and of course lace…go declare yourself a lace shopping day, it will be some of the most fun you will have shopping for clothing.

Whimsically Yours,


The Weekly Fashionista: Bandeau Bras, Asymmetrical Skirts, & Sheer Tops


Bandeau Bras, worn under a sheer top and paired with an assymmetrical skirt is the HOT look that every fashionista must have.  Although I must admit, I haven’t bought an asymmetrical skirt yet…I’m still looking for the perfect one, that shouldn’t stop you from beginning your search!

As I have mentioned before, I thought that asymmetrical skirts were a joke.  I was like “why would you want to wear that…eww”.  And as for bandeau bras and sheer tops, (just like with neon sports bras & white tops)

I was like, “what is the point???…you might as well just wear a bra”. (more on that another week)  But I changed my mind, after I found the most amazing red bandeau bra…after that moment I knew I had to get in on “the look”.  So I bought the bra…without trying it on.

**Skipping a lot of details, I’m just going to say that the reason why bandeau bras look so good on the models is because they are models and most of them are flat chested.  So keeping this short and sweet, check out some of my personal favorites: Aerie, Target & Nordstrom….they have great (affordable) bandeau bras with support build in :)**

SO Let’s break the outfit down:

The Bandeau Bra – Have you ever had a tank top that was low on the sides, had a racerback, or was a little too low in the front?  Well then you need a bandeau bra!  They are super comfortable (even the ones with support).  You can use them to add a little spice to any outfit: going for a day of shopping…great, going to see grandma yet your shirt is really low…great, going to a party…even better!

Target has bandeau bras for as low as $9.99 so go and get you one before they run out!

Asymmetrical Skirts – You know those days when you just feel like wearing a long skirt yet you hate the fact that they cover up your legs…well that is where these skirts come into play.  They are long and light (they give a nice blowing in the wind effect)which is great if you live somewhere hot…like Texas, and…(drumroll please) they are cut so that they show your gorgeous legs.  I think that these skirts are very versatile because they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Forever 21 has them for prices that start at $15.80 for solid colored skirts & $17.80 for ones with patterns.

Sheer Tops – You can get these almost anywhere.  They vary from a simple white all the way to ones with patterns, sleeves, racerbacks…the list goes on.  I would say they would be on my list of clothing essentials for women young & old…yes you can wear these too mother (I just don’t want to see you when you do).  If you want to be flirty, you have to have one of these: they blow in the wind, they look great, the are amazing for going anywhere where it’s hot & humid, and like I said they come in so many styles that I am sure you’ll find one you like.

H&M has very simple, basic white ones for $5.95 with most of their sheer tops in the $10-15 range.  But…since not everyone (unfortunately) has a local H&M store, stores like Love Culture, Forever 21, Macy’s & JC Penny’s have them starting at prices around $13 up to about $22…Enjoy!

I hope you liked this weeks, Weekly Fashionista post…if you have any comments, about the styles, prices, fashion, life in general or items you would like to be covered in upcoming weeks…post a comment 🙂

Whimsically Yours,


Fourth of July Swag

In honor of the Fourth of July , fashion, Instagram, and all things swaggerific, I have decided to write this post:

Simply put I do not really care for the 4th of July in and of itself. Not to go all “cray, cray” or anything but the 4th of July isn’t really my holiday. I am glad that America got it’s independence on that day but as the true history buff that I am, things didn’t really change that much for black people or women (two things that I proudly am).

However the 4th of July is still special to me: I remember as a little girl going to visit relatives in Alabama and popping firecrackers. For this fourth, I will be in Bastrop, Texas, at my dads house down there. I’m driving down with my grandparents, my two aunts, and my two cousins…my dad, my brother and sister, and my stepmom are already there.

For me holidays like the 4th of July, have rarely been about celebrating the actual holiday for me. Instead they have been a time when I was nearly assured that my family would get together and that I could spend time with all of them. This is why it’s special to me, family is very important to me and days like this remind me that no matter how busy we get, we will still be there for each other in the end.

Nonetheless somehow, around this time I always end up wearing red, white, and blue together. Of course generally speaking it really isn’t that hard for me to do, while I do not have tons of red clothing items I do have several fashion items in blue or white.

Now as I was previously about to write, before I derailed myself, this 4th of July I have decided to embrace all things red, white, and blue. Why? Je ne sais pas.

It think part of it is that I love theme dressing and to me the 4th of July is also another chance for me to embrace the theme.

Let’s break down what I am wearing:

Merona Brand Blue Skirt: $16 Target

Eyelash Brand Lace Top: $22 Kohl’s

“Pearl” Earrings: $4 Charming Charlie

(if you’ve never heard of this store before find one near you… the store is overwhelming yet amazing)

Red Bead Necklace: $8 Claire’s

Oh and lastly a big thank you to Instagram…I know I’ve been holding out on you, it’s my Aquarian personlity…I don’t like to follow the crowd, but I think it’s true love. I could literally spend hours playing with their special effects, vintage love, hehe!

Share your themed swagger with me below (in the comments section)…and yes I just said swagger 🙂

(**Speaking of swagger…check out this video…it’s almost completely unrelated but hilarious still…Gucci!**)

The Weekly Fashionista: Denim Shirts, Short Dresses, & Big Hats

Hi-ya y’all, welcome to the inaugural ‘Weekly Fashionista’ post:

Denim Shirts, Short Dresses, & Big Hats.

Yes, that is me, last Spring, posing on the runway, during Wellesley College’s annual Ethos Fashion Show.  It was so much fun!!!

It was a truly great experience and I plan on being involved in it every year, minus my junior year (study abroad!!!)!  It is considered one of Wellesley’s biggest events, and it is in the middle of our Spring Week, a week of concerts, festivities, and shenanigans.  It draws large crowds and is known for showcasing a lot of high end boutique store’s clothing as well as other top designers such as Betsey Johnson! As a model in the fashion show I got to preview what I didn’t know would be some of this summers biggest fashion favorites.

Take for instance asymmetrical skirts

  …they’re everywhere!

But when my friend and I saw them at one of our fittings we nearly died of laughter, we were like what is this thing…do you actually expect me to wear it.  Let’s just say the boutique manager was very disappointed in our obvious lack of taste.  But it grew on me and now I think I’ll probably purchase on before the summer is out.

It is in honor of that fashion show and one of the outfits, pictured above,  I wore I have decided to write this post.

Denim Shirts are amazing, they are not as heavy as your typical jean jacket but they are just as fashionable.  I once borrowed one from a friend, and I didn’t give it back to her until the semester was nearly over…oops!  I wore it everywhere, and the best part was that it went with everything. Denim shirt + blue jeans = ever fashionable Canadian Tuxedo; denim shirt + skirt or shorts = fashionably hipster; denim shirt + nice shirt + black leggings = Let’s go out & chill/party…I think you’ve probably got the point.  They are highly versatile…so go get one, of course it might take you a while to find the perfect one (I’ve been looking for over 2 months now) 😦

Short Dresses are the best, especially when you are faced with a Texas summer, like moi.  They look cute, make your legs look great, can be easily dressed up or down, and they sway beautifully with a light breeze.  My recommendation, Forever 21 or H&M…they’ve got tons so I am sure you’ll find one to love!

Big Hats: Now please do not tell me you didn’t play dress up when you were younger or that you didn’t ever want to imitate Audrey Heburn ala My Fair Lady or Breakfast at Tiffany’s

   …or maybe that was just me…I’m a bit of a fan…a huge one.


But anyway, big hats allow you to do that. I promise that you will look absolutely stylish, throw in a bead necklace and/or some big sunglasses and you’ve got yourself a fashionista.

I love these looks and I think they look amazing together, but don’t take my word for it…try it yourself and share your fashion experiences with me below!

The Weekly Fashionista: High-waists, tucked in shirts, & neon

Fashion is one of my loves so in honor of her (yes, fashion is a her) & my fashion blogs of olden days, I’ve decided to start posting daily my fashion likes/dislikes etc…

Back in middle & high school all the girls used to wear neon sports bras with white shirts, neon running shoes, and neon Nike running shorts during sports practice….I hated it.  I was like what is the point of wearing a shirt if everyone can see your whole sports bra anyway.  I never got neon running shoes back then but I did buy a pair of neon Nike running shorts…they are now my favorite pair!!!

If you look in my closet you will see a lot of dark and neutral colors, I like them, they look good on me and they can be worn at any time anywhere.  But you will also find some things that don’t seem to belong, these include my:

  • neon running shorts & shoes
  • high wasted pants
  • and neon sports bras

So yes I have gone back in time, just like the fashion trends of the day have done.

High-Waist Pants

I think that they are great because:

  • they lengthen your legs – which is especially good if you are 5’5 wanting to look taller like me!
  • they uber fashionable
  • and as long as you keep doing your tummy workouts they look great on everyone…including men if that is what you want to wear so be it 🙂

I have a pair as well, they are black and….I got them at a thrift store while I was shopping for business casual outfits…they look great!!!  They are a little big on me now, but they will do until I find a better pair: 

Tucking in your shirt

It is something I recently started doing when I want to give a new look to something I wear all of the time.  By simply tucking your shirt into a pair of shorts, like I did in this picture you can class up your look or just give way for room for a nice thin belt!


You probably cannot tell because of the lighting but in the above picture I am wearing a neon pink shirt with a neon blue sports bra, i think it looks great and that’s all that matters.  It’s my way of funking up my outfit and letting a bit of my personality show!!

So that’s it, feel free to share your fashion favorites with me below…and yes the opinion of the menfolk are welcome, fashion is what you describe it as not what society deems so 🙂