…On Another Note

Moving on from the randomnessI recently acquired (bought lol) some new cake decorating tools/supplies as well as some fabric for my  fashionista project! 

This is is a pretty basic set but I needed it since I lost most of my tips & other tools and have no icing colors for the fondant (got 40% off this one!!!)

Fondant…finally – am I ready to take this step in my cake decorating (idk) but I’m gonna 🙂

Beautiful fabric, I don’t know if you can see it but it’s black suede fabric (with a cool “crackle-finger nail polish-esque” pattern).  I plan on using it to make a dress.  If you want to see my inspiration board/what I’m thinking of doing/styling for my designs check out my Pinterest board for the show!

Now if only I could get out of the randomness to actually do something with this stuff…I’m thinking baking my first fondant cake on Sunday/Monday for my five-year-old sister’s sixth birthday & hopefully sewing the beginning of the dress on Monday (since the fashion show is Dec. 8!!!).

*Finger crossed & wishing for my fairy godmother (because boy do I need your help)*

What are new things you recently acquired (hopefully through legal means…don’t tell me otherwise) or new projects you’ve started/goals you have?

Whimsically Yours,


The Weekly Fashionista: For the Love of Scarves

Scarves, Scarves, Scarves, Scarves, Scarves!

I love scarves.  They are the perfect accessory to any and every outfit.  And…as much as I love summer, it’s finally Fall or Autumn (whatever you prefer) so now you can wear scarves and not look ridiculous.

Now as with everything, buying a good scarf depends on how well you know your scarves.  Scarves can be found everywhere this time of year, from Claire’s & Charming Charlie’s to Target, H&M, Nordstrom, Burberry and beyond!  For all scarves are NOT created equal.

As for my favorite scarves there are the tube/circle/ infinity scarves that can be found as low as $9.95 at H&M.  I’m sure there are cheaper ones somewhere but I think H&M does a fine job at providing a product that is both affordable and well made.

No, they do not sponsor me…hahaha, now that would be something.

These scarves are extremely easy to use.  I know you might not want to admit it but I’m sure there has been a time where you just couldn’t fashion your scarf as nice as you wanted it to look.  Well with these scarves you don’t have to worry about tying or crossing your scarf to make it look “cool” while still keeping you warm (for that is its purpose).  They are so easy to put on, great for throwing on last minute as you walk out the door.  They are also very warm, if you wrap them twice they will ensure that no wind gets anywhere close to you neck and chest!

Aside from the tube/circle/ infinity scarf (my newest scarfsession) I have my old friend, the Pashmina silk scarf (thank you Brad, for offering to model…tell Angie I said hi).

Pashmina silk scarves are wonderful for they can be wrapped various ways and they range from more of a fashion accessory that is warm but not snugly similar to the ones, Jessica Alba is wearing, all the way to thicker ones like the one Brad Pitt has on (in the picture at the top of the post).

I think Pashmina’s are super fashionable, the perfect way to channel your inner fashionista (or whatever you will).

I have found some beautiful Pashmina’s at Charming Charlie’s for $9.98 (they have a great scarf collection), however my best Pashmina’s have been bought at mall/street vendors in the city…ooo lala.

Whatever your style, don’t delay, go out n’ get your scarf, today!  

Visit Girlishh for a list of more scarf types 🙂

Whimsically Yours,


Vogue Then And Now

I love Vogue.  And finally after weeks of forgetting I got THE Vogue September Issue.  OMG!!!  It’s a Fashionista Must Have.  This issue though is a special one because it celebrates Vogue’s 120th anniversary!!!  I will be posting a more detailed post another day but for now I wanted to share with you some amazing photos highlighting Vogue’s journey to where it is now 🙂



The Original Cover

Fashion For a Men’s Eye…???

Of course many fashion designers are men…


The September 2012 Cover

Whimsically Yours,


The Weekly Fashionista: Sunglasses & Sandals (S^2) (Part 1)

Happy Monday Readers,

Hope your summer is going swell! First I just wanted to apologize in the lateness of The Weekly Fashionista, I’ve been a very busy writing/editing my book, but enough excuses. This is going to be a two-post spanning, double whammy post. The first part will fous on sunglasses for men and for women and the second part will focus on sandals, so without further ado I give you:

Sunglasses & Sandals (S^2) (Part 1): Sunglasses

“With my sunglasses on, I’m Jack Nicholson. Without them, I’m fat and 60.”
-Jack Nicholson

And to highlight some of these trends is one of my favorite celebrity couples: Posh & Becks












Sunglasses we all love them (well at least most people do), and I know personally I start my sunglass shopping early. Find the right pair of sunglasses for the summer is crucial. After looking for a couple months I found the perfect pair of sunglasses and guess what just happened…I lost them 😦 Now I’m on “The Hunt”, again. I’m from Texas and while I have never hunted, I do understand the concept even if I don’t approve of killing for sport. So, politics aside, here’s how to being “The Hunt”.

  1. You need a budget – Sunglasses can range from a $5 pair at Forever 21 or Claire’s to a $4,084,967 pair of House Chopard sunglasses…why the most expensive sunglasses are never the best looking idk…Point being, know what you’re willing to pay.
  2. You need to know what looks good (on YOU)– I don’t care who you are…DO NOT wear sunglasses that don’t fit your face. Oh, so everyone’s wearing aviators but they make you look horrible (they work for most but not all)…find another style for all you know you might start a new trend. Here’s a little something to get you started, Thank you Oprah 🙂
  3. Don’t follow the trends – this is a spinoff of the last one but important on its own, trends have a short lifespan and everything comes back into style again (seriously why do you think so many of those 80s babies (not literally babies) kept their neons…). Wear what you want, if you wear a pair of oversized sunglasses just because you want to look like Paris Hilton (idk why) don’t start crying when you realize how ridiculous you look (some people look great in those, though).
  4. Know when the sales are occurring and when not to shop – It really doesn’t matter how much money you have, in these times everyone needs to shop wisely. Get a newspaper or sign up for updates from your favorite stores to know when sales are occurring. And DO NOT go shopping for sunglasses during back to school season or christmas, unless your favorite designer is having 50% off their sunglasses don’t risk your life…to quote from my favorite movie…They’re “just plastic” (not always).
  5. Don’t be too cheap – Buy those $5 sunglasses from Claire’s or Forever 21 if you want to, just know they might break…and if you have the kind of luck I do with things like that…don’t do it. I’ve spent enough money on $5 sunglasses for all of us. (That being said I understand that sometimes the price is irresistible, just remember it adds up.)

Now that I have thoroughly lectured you…here are my top picks, enjoy!


Those are only my top picks if you want more suggestions, click here or here 🙂


**The pair Victoria Beckham is wearing is from her collection it is DVB #3. The retail price is $300 dollars. I cannot find them anywhere however if you’re interested happy hunting**

Those are only my top picks if you want more suggestions, click here or here 🙂
What kind of sunglasses do you own? What are your favorite picks?

Make sure to check back next week for Part 2: Sandals

Whimsically Yours,


The Weekly Fashionista: The Lace Edition

This is a special edition of the Weekly Fashionista post, usually in this post we would cover three hot fashion items but

in honor of this season’s hottest trend we have decided to only focus on one thing:



Lace is everywhere and on everyone.  It is the perfect summertime fabric: it is light, breezy, flirty, pretty, and it comes in many colors and styles.

You can get a lace clothing item in any shape however the most popular lace items are the lace top and the lace dress.

The lace top is a marvelous thing.  It comes in many varieties.  You can buy flowy lace sleeveless tops, snug lace long sleeve tops, or you could just buy a shirt that has lace designs intermixed with other fabric types.

In my closet I have a sung quarter-length lace top that has flower designs, a lace top that has lace on the front and with a cotton front underneath and on the back, and a plain lace tank top that is almost completely see-through.

I think what I love the most about lace tops is that they are great for layering.  You can wear a bandeau bra under one for a night out, or you can put a colorful tank top under one and pair it with some black slacks or a pencil skirt for a fun addition to your usual business casual attire.

A lace top is a must, I prefer white lace because I feel that it is more versatile for my layering taste but black and pink lace are other popular lace colors that look great as well.

The lace dress:

Lace dresses come in many styles, just like lace tops.  I have a cream colored lace dress with quarter length sleeves that comes to my knees.  It is gorgeous.  It can be easily dressed up and down.  I have worn it to go to places and events such as brunch, the mall, church, and even to an interview (when paired with a nice black blazer and flats).

It too is a must have item.

I also have a shorter pale pink lace dress that I often wear on a girl’s’ day out with a cute pink or black belt.    I got it at Forever 21 for around $15…it was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made at that store.

But say you want something a little more “sexier”, something that will still be appropriate to wear during the day time but good for the nighttime as well.  If that is the case then I suggest you go and get you one of the ever popular tight lace dresses that I see popping up everywhere.

You can find them and other lace dresses and tops at every women’s fashion/department store that is similar to the likes of Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Love Culture, and H&M.  The prices range from $6 (the lowest I have seen for a lace top at Love Culture) to who knows what, although usually you can buy a good lace dress for no more than $30.

So in honor of Whimsically Yours, The Weekly Fashionista, and of course lace…go declare yourself a lace shopping day, it will be some of the most fun you will have shopping for clothing.

Whimsically Yours,