Pitch Wars Mentee Contender Blog Hop: Mentee Bio!


Alright, I’m joining in!  For those of us writers who entered Pitch Wars, we have some waiting ahead of us before we find out if we’ve been chosen by a mentor. In the meantime, the wonderful Christopher Keelty and Dannie Morin have a wonderful way for us to take off some of the stress…Mentee Bios!!! 


Hi Y’all, *waves* I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday. I’m especially happy because not only did I just get this super-great-further-inspiration for my YA WIP I’ve been stuck on (FYI followers: the Snow White retelling), I also get to do this awesome blog hop! I LOVE meeting writers. So if you’re a writer and you happen upon this post, please do tell a little about yourself and your current project!!!

Back to the introduction: I hail from Texas, but I attend college in/near Boston (Wellesley). The MS I submitted for Pitch Wars is a MG Thriller, Sci-Fi to be exact, about a twelve-year-old criminal mastermind and her companions who must traverse their city, New Atlantis, for a cube–codename Pandora’s Box–that, in the wrong hands, can destroy their city. Think Artemis Fowl mixed with the TV show Alias along with a bit of Fast and Furious (I like fast cars) and a ton of mythology/supernatural creatures.

Three Facts about Me

(because three is my favorite number)

1. I love inspirational quotes. I used to be really obsessed with horoscopes, as in I had to know the horoscope of anyone I liked to see if we were compatible. I gave up on that, thank goodness but in case you’re a horoscope person, I’m an Aquarius. I’ve heard we’re pretty awesome. Back to the quotes. Beside me, right now, is a huge Muhammad Ali poster with a quote about being a champion on it. I routinely post quotes on tumblr, my blog posts etc…basically anyone who works with me, will get back in return as much inspiration and hope as I’m sure you’ll give me. I love making people laugh and “get back on the horse.” Life’s too short to not live and I am to live every second of it (see what I mean about the quotes).

2. I like interpreting dreams. Why I’m stating this, I’m not quite sure. But I do have a dream dictionary and a knack for pulling dreams apart. This love *cough* obsession, came from all the weird dreams I have or used to have as I haven’t had any lately. Not complaining. At all.

3. My writing is comprised of everything I love. Growing up, I read everything, I still do, and though my interests tend to lean toward speculative fiction, there’s a bit in my stories for everyone (though I do usually write with one person in mind). I love mythology so you’ll always find that. I love Lemony Snicket, so my narrators, at times, tend to get a bit involved (don’t worry, I’ve gotten pretty good at taming them). But I can promise that anyone who works with me, will have a manuscript that constantly surprises them, in many good ways. My friends like to say my mind is every where. That’s probably because I take from everything, I’m constantly watching, listening, alert, awake. This is probably why my current WIP, though based off Snow White, has a bit of The Matrix, some great ink… tattoos, raises questions about healthcare and the use of antibiotics, and has romance because in tough times, love is what you need…oh and maybe a cure, but that story is for another time.

*Bonus – since a picture tells a thousand words and Pinterest and I are best buddies, I thought I’d share with you the Pinterest board for the MG I submitted to Pitch Wars and the rest of my boards (there’s an inspirational quote & writing inspiration one too!).

Many thanks to Christopher for starting this and to Dannie for organizing them. If you want to join in on the fun, click here to visit the linky (be sure to stop by others blogs)! Also, a huge thank you to Brenda Drake and all the wonderful mentors & agents ❤

P.S. I just bought THE SCORPIO RACES by Maggie Stiefvater & THE UNWANTEDS by Lisa McMann and cannot wait to read them!!! I’ve heard some great things so if they’re not on your to-reads, go put them on it 🙂 Also, this post by Maggie Stiefvater is what sold me on buying her book.

Whimsically Yours,


What’s Up Wednesday!

WUW Winter Holly 1(So pretty!)

It’s What’s Up Wednesday time!  What’s What’s Up Wednesday?  Well… It’s this super cool awesome weekly meme started by Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk.  If you want to participate you should link your What’s Up Wednesday posts to the list on Jaime’s blog so that we can all stop by and say, “Hi!”

What I’m Reading

13517455I’m finishing up REBOOT by Amy Tintera. This book is everything I hoped it would be (The Republic of Texas…hehe, I love it! *proud Texan*). I’ll have a review up sometime this week but the budding romance feels real, Wren is hilarious yet stoic (she’s my girl), and the world is unfortunately believable. Kudos to Tintera, she rocked this one. I’m not even done with the book and I can confidentially say it’s one of my favorite read of the year, of course, I’m sure by the time I’m done I’ll be crying or something.

I think I’m going to read PIVOT POINT by Kasie West next. Cybils has been just the push I needed to read all these wonderful 2013 reads, here’s hoping my to-read list will decrease!!

What I’m Writing

Today, I’ll be working on my MG, THE ARTIFACT COLLECTOR about two children who inherit a shop with magical artifacts from around the world and are forced to go into the “Otherworld” to find their lost aunt. Here’s a scene from it (I finished this the other day and am pleasantly surprised by how much I like it.):

Kaia is 9, her brother Aaron, is 12, they’re in their aunt’s antique shop…

Kaia stopped when she saw the scene below. Swords fought swords, books did somersaults through the air, vials were pouring out their contents. A sea of madness flowed before them, and Aunt Edith was nowhere.

One lone sword noticed the two siblings and left its post by the front door to charge at them. “Run,” yelled Aaron pushing Kaia up the stairs. She ran, only to have her leg slip through the floorboards. “Aaron,” she called.

Aaron ducked to avoid the sword, causing it to wedge itself into the wall. It wiggled around like a fish caught in a fisherman’s net, trying to set itself free.

Aaron rushed to Kaia and grabbed hold of her hand. He’d almost pulled her out when the sword fell to the ground, flipping and flopping, before charging once more at the two siblings.

Aaron let go of his sister’s hand in order to dodge the sword. He looked around, trying to find something to defend himself. Seconds before the sword attacked, he noticed a loose part of thee stair rail. He yanked at the post and raised it in front of him, just in time. The sword pressed against his wooden stick, he pushed back, swiftly moving it to the left. After this, he was taking up fencing.

The sword swiped again but this time, Aaron wasn’t fast enough and it produced a tiny cut on his cheek. He winced, and the sword knocked the wooden staff from his hand. The sword reared back then charged once more, aiming right for Kaia.

“Stop,” yelled Aaron, throwing his body over her. His body heaved, matching her heavy breaths. He closed his eyes yet nothing happened. Pushing off Kaia, he peeked. The sword had fallen to ground, lying still as if it had never attacked them in the first place. All around them, everything had stopped. Books lay strewn across the floor, one on top of the other. Some with pages ripped, others sliced in half thanks to the lifeless swords lying beside them. Shards of glass blanketed the ground and pieces of jewelry hung from the bookshelves and cabinets like fruit on a tree.

It seemed Aaron had found the magic word. Now if only they could find Aunt Edith. What would they tell her? Would she believe they hadn’t made this mess?

What Else I’ve Been Doing

My friends and I have been getting ready for our Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow! I’m really excited (& nervous) as this is my first time away from home for Turkey Day but I am looking forward to spending it with friends. I’m still recovering from a cold, I really don’t know what’s wrong with my body, but as per usual, I’m blaming it on this weather. The more and more I think I want to live & work in publishing in NYC, the less that becomes a reality as I don’t think my body is suited for this kind of weather. Three weeks until home 🙂

Oh, I’ve also been watching lots of TV. I picked up Arrow. I have a MAJOR problem with the way women are portrayed in some of these shows (e.g. wearing a low buttoned shirt to work…not realistic) But, I think it’s officially time I stop acting like I don’t like the CW’s teen shows. Everyone’s just so pretty (which is a problem in and of itself as personally, I look back on my high school days and cringe). However, I’m about to watch the latest episode of The Originals right after I finish this post 🙂

What Inspires Me Right Now

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, I’m inspired by friends and family. As well as by my inner strength. As though as I am with myself, I’m very proud of me. I have no doubt that whatever I chose to do, will turn out right in the end.

I’m also inspired by other writers, their stories (of perseverance and struggle and success) and their books. We’re a pretty boss group of people. It’s wonderful to know that.

Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you find ways to inspire yourself and be inspired!! What’s going on with you?

What’s Up Wednesday!


It’s What’s Up Wednesday time (a little later than usual but I’m getting back used to posting).  What’s What’s Up Wednesday?  Well… It’s this super cool awesome weekly meme started by Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk.  If you want to participate you should link your What’s Up Wednesday posts to the list on Jaime’s blog so that we can all stop by and say, “Hi!”

What I’m Reading

photo (34)Right now I’m reading everything.  I’m a first round panelist for Cybils YA Spec Fic so I have a long list of things on my already hellish list of to-reads.  However on Monday I went to a reading and Q&A at my school by authors Karen Russell and Maud Casey (you can read my recap of the event here).  At the event, I got copies of a book of each of theirs.  The book pictured is one of Maud Casey’s short story collections.  I’m only on the second story, but I highly recommend it.  It’s all about “how we survive through modern cries of loss and love through the lives of emotional and geographic nomads.”  It’s eerie, poignant, and reflective.  Also, they’re short stories so I can pick it up, read one and not feel bad about putting it down (unlike when I’m reading novels).

What I’m Writing

woman warrior holding swordI’ve started this amazing WIP that I talked a bit about in my last What’s Up Wednesday post (I decided to go with the fantasy one).  It’s a YA (Upper YA) Epic Fantasy about two girls who must go on a voyage, in a land where magic is strictly forbidden, to find this place where magic lives on in order to overthrow an evil ruler and bring peace to their land.

The picture to the left was one of the inspirations for the story.  It was this really weird moment when I was writing one story, that eventually became my MG MS, ALEX DE VEGA, yet as I was browsing through Pinterest, I kept thinking of another story.  I found the picture of the woman holding the sword, then some more pictures (see my boards for the main characters Alala and Eva).  Then I found the pictures of the girls on both the boards and instantly knew, I had to tell this story.

It’s told in 3rd person, dual POV so this is like a new arena for me.  I think it’s going to be very fun and challenging.  I’m looking forward to all the exciting research I have lined up for the story (I love story research).  The research is important because though this is a new story, I want it to be reminiscent of a very old tale that has been passed down for generations.  I want it to be covered in/supported by mythology and legends from different lands and times.  I love epic fantasy and I’ve been wanting to write on forever, I just never thought I was ready.  This is me saying I’m ready to do this.  It’s going to be so much fun!  Also, what I’ve just written will hopefully serve as encouragement for those days when all I want to do is abandon ship.  I’m tentatively calling in DAUGHTERS OF THE PROPHECY because I need a title, I’m not too attached to it so we shall see where it takes me!

What Else I’ve Been Doing

Let’s see…SHP/C blog tours are underway.  and I’m working on another one.  College is wonderful.  My father arrives tomorrow and is staying until Sunday.  I’ve really been trying to enrich myself into writing and living so I’ve been doing what I want to do when I want to do it, going to some amazing lectures, and most of all spending time with friends.  It’s actually one of my friend’s birthday today!!  After my father leaves, on Sunday, I’m declaring a writing cave for Sunday and the rest of Fall Break (Monday & Tuesday).  I have some edits to finish on a previous WIP, now completed MS, and, of course, I have some very fun research to do for DAUGHTERS OF THE PROPHECY.

Like I said, I’m a Cybils YA Spec-Fic judge so I’ve started to read some amazing books.  It’s like someone just gave me permission/a reason to read every book on my MUST READ list.  I’m in heaven…I’m also glad I’m not a second round judge, I don’t know how they pick one winner (of course, I don’t know how we’re going to pick a final shortlist).

What Inspires Me Right Now

photo (38)

I don’t know if you can read this but it’s a goal list, just writing for now, of things I want to accomplish.  It’s posted on my wall, above my desk.  I see it every time I open my computer aka 24/7.  I’m sure we’re all heard about the importance of writing goals down, that it’s like a public commitment to what you want to accomplish.  The goals might seem a little far fetched or hard for someone to understand but for me, they’re very simple.

With my first MS, BLOOD OF ISIS, I wrote down on my calendar the date I would have it finished.  I kind of forgot about that date halfway through that summer then I saw it, realizing the date was only twenty days away.  I didn’t finish that first draft by those twenty days, but I did finish it by the thirtieth day.  Writing down your goals will keep you in check and on track.  Every time I look at them, when I’m derping around on Facebook or wasting my time some other way, I stop what I’m doing and get back at what I should be doing.  it’s not foolproof, you have to want to accomplish those goals but it’s working.

This is what’s inspiring me, and I look forward to the new year when I can cross off, the first three goals.

How have you been?  What’s inspiring you or rather, how do you inspire yourself?

Whimsically Yours,


Reading Myths… a word from Rick Riordan

As some of you may know, I’m a little bit in love with Rick Riordan. Not necessarily in love, that’s a little weird but rather appreciative of him as a writer, the worlds he creates and so forth. I’ll never forget when he came to my high school and spoke to us, I hadn’t read The Lightening Thief (as a self-declared mythology buff I was quite reluctant), I’d just recently heard so amazing things from friends whose opinions on books I trusted. And let me tell you, the man is a genius, after hearing him read the first couple pages of The Lightening Thief, I almost wanted to start crying… I could just feel everything (now that’s how you open a book).

I LOVE mythology and in my opinion, Rick Riordan really brought mythology to the forefront for young readers. Deep, deep down I’m constantly afraid someone will, even though my WIP, BLOOD OF ISIS, is YA, will compare my book to some of his and say mine’s a copy, which is why I haven’t read The Kane Chronicles at all, even though I’ve really wanted to steal them from my brother several times.

Rick Riordan is the author I want to be, he inspires readers. I’ve always loved reading, anything everything I could get my hands on but my younger brother, not so much. Yet with Rick Riordan’s books, he couldn’t stop and it was wonderful to, for one of the first times, be able to connect with my brother about something we both loved.

That being said, Rick Riordan is always talking about the everlasting importance of mythology and in the first keynote address for the International Reading Association in San Antonio, he had some great words to say on “Reading Myths and the Myths of Reading”.

It’s a great speech I think all writers, lovers of mythology, teachers, and everyone would do well to read.

Oh boy, gosh, I can’t wait until one day (after many more revisions & rewritings) my books are able to inspire people the way his have. Please read the speech, it’s long but I wouldn’t share it if I didn’t think the time spent reading it was worth it.

What do you think about myths? If you write do you use myths in your writing?

Whimsically Yours,


P.S. The Hunger Games bit…gah!! How could I have not caught that, getting a little rusty… (for more on this topic, check out this blog post I found, quite interesting!)


Author Mary Higgins Clark offers advice to aspiring writers

Check out this short & sweet video about turning what you love to read into what you’ll excel at writing!

Click Here to go to the Wise Ink Post where I found this at…if you don’t know about it, it’s a great site.  also be sure to check out some of the other videos on the SimonSchuster YouTube Feed.

Whimsically Yours,