Start Living That Better Life Now!

The reason I love the writing, publishing community so much is that you have a bunch of people who (for the most part) have been passionate about reading, writing, etc…since they were little. They’re honestly the BIGGEST population of people I know who are simply following their dreams and doing the work they want to do. They might not be there yet, ex. many of us want to be published or be a full-time writer but aren’t yet however they do it, they write after putting the kids to bed, they intern/have a job at a publisher they love remotely while still having a day job. These people are incredible…and you can follow suit. I always say if there’s something you really want to do you need to be doing it and working to get there now, as my dad says in this post, “tomorrow isn’t promised.” When life flashes before your eyes, make sure it’s worth watching. -Patrice

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What do you want to do with the rest of life? Whatever it is, today is a good day as any to get started living. Stop worrying about what others (family, friends, co-workers) think, misery loves company, most don’t want you to succeed.

How much time do you think you have? You know tomorrow isn’t promise, so why the hell do you keep procrastinating. Miracles don’t just happen, you work your ass off, and you make miracles happen.

Apply your principles (guiding conduct), work smart and you can start living that better life today. You want to lose weight, start now. What are you waiting on? You hate your job, start your own business, not tomorrow or one day, but today. The longer you wait the harder it gets, shame and regret will settle in, you will hate and resent yourself, because you know you’re capable of so much…

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What Is Normal Behavior?

If everyone was normal, nothing interesting would ever get done. Normal reminds me of setting on an appliance…be yourself, not a machine. -Patrice

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To begin with normal isn’t normal, what’s normal today wasn’t always normal. And who decides what’s normal anyways? Is there a normal behavior police out there enforcing, writing tickets and arresting people who break the normal behavior law? Of course not, but there are the controllers and their flunkies who create and direct society along the path they want. These controllers influence society through school, media, advertisements, politics, religion, law, movies, music, etc…

So I think it is extremely important that we ask this question “what is normal” because whoever controls what’s normal behavior, controls you. I know you think that you’re making your own decisions, and like what you like, and do what you do. But have you given any thought to who or whom is influencing your behavior? Why do you walk around with your pants sagging, showing off your underwear? Why are the average man and woman…

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Do you want to draft/revise/edit this summer? Join us for Ready. Set. Write!

This sounds like a great idea…I already have the next month/two planned out revision and writing wise for BLOOD OF ISIS, so I figured why not! I’m sure it’ll be a great way to meet more writers and building that writer community is always a wonderful thing!

Elodie Nowodazkij

Writing is a lonely process but it doesn’t always have to be…And if you’re looking for motivation and encouragement along the Summer breeze to type those words away (or in my case, delete words, think about words, type some words and try to find ways to raise the stake…), we have something for you!

Once upon time, a wonderful writer and friend named Alison (no really she’s great and the voice in her book is amazing, you don’t believe me check her first 250 words here!) sent an email out to a few of us asking if we’d be interested in co-hosting a  Summer Writing Intensive. The goals are individual, so no pressure because I know sometimes for me revising a sentence into something that makes me pause and go “wow did I write that?” can be as rewarding as drafting an entire chapter 🙂

And really, who doesn’t…

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Must Follow Blogs for Writers

Hello My Fantastically Lovely Readers,

A writer’s journey is often a very lonely one however we tend to make it lonelier than it has to be by not reaching out to those individuals/groups that have resources we need.

For me, when I decided I wanted to pursue writing professionally I didn’t know what to do or where to go.  Luckily this blog had started to gather a lot of traffic and via my Twitter account, more on the importance of that later, I met a couple writers who have been some amazing resources for me.

But in addition to their wonderful help, I needed and wanted more.  I wanted to hear from other professionals in the field such as the agents and editors whose help I would need if I intended, which I do, to traditionally publish.  So I started searching around and found some lists of best websites, but honestly no one wants to go through lists of 100 websites, trust me I did it, it’s hell.

So today I wanted to bring you my list of the MUST follow blog for writers.  These blogs will help you whether you plan on traditionally publishing, self publishing  or whatever.  They have helped me so much and are still helping me.  I am subscribed to all of them, and I wouldn’t have made it this far without them (queue the violins).

The List

(this is by no means a final list…I will update it when I discover more awesome sites)

Recently Suggested/Discovered blogs

That’s all I have for now, however it is highly possible I have forgotten some…what are your go to blogs for writers?

Whimsically Yours,