The Weekly Fashionista: Sunglasses & Sandals (S^2) (Part 2)

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Hope your summer is going well! I’ve been writing, editing, and getting caught up on book reviews but never fear because The Weekly Fashionista is baaaaaaaack!!!

And boy do I have a ton of summer fun posts for you ūüôā


It took a year but welcome back to Sunglasses & Sandals (S^2) for part 2: Sandals! (read Part 1: Sunglasses)

Sandals…a summertime necessity. As the American Actress, Zoe Saldana once said, “I don’t like things like little sandals that look fragile. I like to look strong and commanding.” It is with this in mind, I write this post.

Sandals are the ultimate statement “accessory”. And for the purpose of this post, I’m going to widen the definition of sandals and include wedges as well as many types of open-toed “sandal-like” shoes (even though I know some of you don’t consider those to be sandals).

The Wedge

A perfect choice to dress up any outfit, they’re especially good for graduation(s) (heels on grass/bleachers…no thank you!) or even those new jeans!


patterned wedge

Add a little spice to your look with these patterned wedges,

a perfect way to dress up a casual outfit.

Splendid wedges, Kikka wedges, $128

Source: WireImage, Bauer-Griffin Online

Solids Simplify your life with a solid wedge…

and they can really brighten up your wardrobe.solids are great because they go with almost everything

For instance,

check out this solid wedge from Forever 21,

it’s coral (one of the colors of the season)

& it’s only $29.80!


Flats can be a wonderful way to relax while still looking cute. I can’t stand when my foot slides around in shoes so I’ve picked out some of my favorite flats that while thin are still supportive.

southwestern sandals

Try the Southwestern Thong Sandals ($14.80) from Forever 21, pictured left.


This Sam Edelman ‘Gabrianna’ Sandal ($129.95 Nordstrom),


for a comfortable yet cool (very detailed beading patterns) fit!

What are your favorite summer sandal choices???

Whimsically Yours,


P.S. Check in next week for The Weekly Fashionista: Maxi Madness (yikes!)


The Weekly Fashionista: Holiday Edition

ugly holiday sweater

The holiday season is a great time to wear those wonderfully hideous holiday sweaters, and if you are one of those people, that’s great but for those of us who don’t have ugly sweaters/act like we lost the one given to us last holiday season (and the year before and so on)…this post if for you ūüôā


Sequins have always been an in and out fashion trend however this holiday season has seen more and more outfits with a “shimmery¬†pzazz”.

lauren conrad khols sequin

One of my personal favorites is a Sequin Sheath dress by Lauren Conrad (Kohl’s, $40)…I recently¬†bought it and am in love with it!


gold dresses

Almost anyone can work gold, a gold dress can be the perfect outfit for any holiday party.  

Below are two of my favorite gold dresses from ASOS:

TFNC Dress Sequin Bandeau - HiLo SkirtTFNC Dress Sequin Bandeau with Hi Lo Skirt – $96.75

TFNC Dress Scalloped Sequin Dress

 TFNC Dress In Scalloped Sequin Р$58.05


Last but not least there is burgundy, the color of the season

Instead of a little black dress why not try a little burgundy dress…it’s simple and gorgeous:

ax paris sleeveless shift burgundy dressThen there’s my personal favorite this burgundy suit set from Nordstrom ($34.50)…I could¬†definitely¬†see Chuck Bass wearing something similar to this ūüôā

topman skinny cotton fitted blazerTopman Skinny Fit Blazer – $280

Topman Skinny Cotton TrousersTopman Skinny Fit Blazer – $120

What are your 2012 holiday picks…do you rebel from ugly holiday sweaters???

Whimsically Yours,


…On Another Note

Moving on from the randomnessI recently acquired (bought lol) some new cake decorating tools/supplies as well as some fabric for my  fashionista project! 

This is is a pretty basic set but I needed it since I lost most of my tips & other tools and have no icing colors for the fondant (got 40% off this one!!!)

Fondant…finally – am I ready to take this step in my cake decorating (idk) but I’m gonna ūüôā

Beautiful fabric, I don’t know if you can see it but it’s black suede fabric (with a cool “crackle-finger¬†nail polish-esque” pattern). ¬†I plan on using it to make a dress. ¬†If you want to see my inspiration board/what I’m thinking of doing/styling for my designs check out my Pinterest board for the show!

Now if only I could get out of the randomness to actually do something with this stuff…I’m thinking baking my first fondant cake on Sunday/Monday for my five-year-old sister’s sixth birthday & hopefully sewing the beginning of the dress on Monday (since the fashion show is Dec. 8!!!).

*Finger crossed & wishing for my fairy godmother (because boy do I need your help)*

What are new things you recently acquired (hopefully through legal means…don’t tell me otherwise) or new projects you’ve started/goals you have?

Whimsically Yours,


The Weekly Fashionista: Twenties Speakeasy meets Urban Grunge

Randomness…I know that’s what you’re thinking. ¬†First of all what is “twenties speakeasy” and “urban grunge” and when/why/how are they meeting each other??? ¬†Haha I know I’m a¬†mind¬†reader ūüėČ

The Definitions

Twenties Speakeasy

  • Speakeasy – an establishment that illegally sells¬†alcoholic¬†beverages. ¬†They came about during the Prohibition (sale,¬†manufacturing, etc…of¬†alcohol¬†illegal) in the United States (1920-1933)
  • ¬†Think Great Gatsby-esque

Urban Grunge

  • According to Fashion Blog Life¬†Grunge fashion¬†originates from the 80s & its combination of punk style clothing and practical outdoor wear. ¬†
  • It’s typically anti-establishment: think holes in clothing, worn fabrics, spikes, and vinyl
  • the Urban in front of the grunge is just emphasizing it’s “city” appeal/focus
  • Kurt Cobain-esque + a haute¬†couture(ish)¬†twist


So my college’s fashion organization,¬†√† la mode, is hosting its annual fashion show (eXpos√©) early this year,¬†December 8th, 2012, and I’m one of the student fashion designers. ¬†Now I know, that too might seem random, but I actually used to want to go to fashion design school. ¬†In fact I almost applied to several fashion design schools including FIDM, FIT, Parson’s, etc…Of course I don’t know if I would have gained admission but regardless it’s still sometime that interests me.

When I got the email via my college’s posting community, I was like why not, and I signed up without even considering the fact that I haven’t actually sketched something in years. ¬†I’ve¬†dabbled¬†in a few things when I was considering apply but my “hayday” was when I was 9-14 years old (LOL).

But the theme is Twenties Speakeasy and I love fashion, and I love doing random creative things so I’m doing it. ¬†We don’t have to design to the theme but I thought it would be fun however the inner fashion designer in me feels I just cannot simply do twenties speakeasy so I’m adding in some grunge.

Why grunge??? ¬†Well the 1920s while typically thought of as a time when tons of wealth/industry… was around, etc… (hence term “Roaring Twenties”) but in actuality people were still suffering, people wanted to reach the American Dream etc.. (very Gatsby-esque). ¬† So to highlight all of that I’m combining the establishment (typical flashy twenties fashion that only the upper crust was able to afford) with Urban Grunge (THE fashion of the ANTI-establishment…not really but for my¬†purposes,¬†yes)!

Where will it take me…I have no idea, I have all the ideas in my head for example I want to make a typical flapper dress out of vinyl and pair it with some black spiked boots and a blue jean jacket…or maybe the dress will be made out black lace/idk ūüôā

(maybe something similar to this)

What are cool things you’re planning on doing or things you’ve always wanted to do yet never have? ¬†How can you find a way to accomplish those things?

Whimsically Yours,


P.S. I’ll keep you posted on my fashion designing adventures ūüôā

The Weekly Fashionista: For the Love of Scarves

Scarves, Scarves, Scarves, Scarves, Scarves!

I love scarves. ¬†They are the perfect accessory to any and every outfit. ¬†And…as much as I love summer, it’s finally Fall or Autumn (whatever you prefer) so now you can wear scarves and not look ridiculous.

Now as with everything, buying a good scarf depends on how well you know your scarves. ¬†Scarves can be found everywhere this time of year, from Claire’s & Charming Charlie’s to Target, H&M, Nordstrom, Burberry and beyond! ¬†For all scarves are NOT created equal.

As for my favorite scarves there are the tube/circle/ infinity scarves that can be found as low as $9.95 at H&M. ¬†I’m sure there are cheaper ones somewhere but I think H&M does a fine job at providing a product that is both affordable and well made.

No, they do not sponsor me…hahaha, now that would be something.

These scarves are extremely easy to use. ¬†I know you might not want to admit it but I’m sure there has been a time where you just couldn’t fashion your scarf as nice as you wanted it to look. ¬†Well with these scarves you don’t have to worry about tying or crossing your scarf to make it look “cool” while still keeping you warm (for that is its purpose). ¬†They are so easy to put on, great for throwing on last minute as you walk out the door. ¬†They are also very warm, if you wrap them twice they will ensure that no wind gets anywhere close to you neck and chest!

Aside from the tube/circle/ infinity scarf (my newest scarfsession) I have my old friend,¬†the Pashmina silk scarf¬†(thank you Brad, for¬†offering to model…tell Angie I said hi).

Pashmina silk scarves are wonderful for they can be wrapped various ways and they range from more of a fashion accessory that is warm but not snugly similar to the ones, Jessica Alba is wearing, all the way to thicker ones like the one Brad Pitt has on (in the picture at the top of the post).

I think Pashmina’s are super fashionable, the perfect way to channel your inner fashionista¬†(or whatever you will).

I have found some beautiful Pashmina’s at Charming Charlie’s for $9.98 (they have a great scarf collection), however my best Pashmina’s have been bought at mall/street vendors in the city…ooo lala.

Whatever your style, don’t delay, go out n’ get your scarf, today! ¬†

Visit Girlishh for a list of more scarf types ūüôā

Whimsically Yours,