Updates – 11/29/12


  1. eXpose – my college fashion org’s student run fashion show has been postponed until next semester which means I have all of Winter break to work on my designs!!!
  2. At 4pm EST today 12/3/12 look for a review of the YA Dystopia Sovereign by E.R. Arroyo, check out her interview with moi 🙂
  3. Tomorrow On 12/4/2012 I will announce a book giveaway of Sovereign (ebook or paperback) so look for that then
  4. Tomorrow On 12/4/2012 I will also post a list of MUST follow industry blogs for writes, they are my favorite writing blogs above and beyond the rest
  5. And last but certainly not least congratulations to Stephanie Diaz, who I interviewed for Whimsically Yours‘ Teens Can Write TOO Week (she’s now 20), for selling her YA novel EXTRACTION to St. Martin’s Press for publication in 2014!!!!! 🙂  Check out her website to learn more 🙂

Also there are a couple pits contests coming up/going on that if you have a completed & polished manuscript you should definitely look out for and enter:

  • Pitch Wars You have until December 5th to enter – it’s a contest where agented authors, industry interns, and editors team up with aspiring writers to shine up their manuscripts and pitches to present to some awesome agents.




  • Pitch Mas – Tuesday 12/4: 11pm-2am EST is the first submission window  with Thursday 12/6 being an all day Twitter pitch fest!




And for the record my life is in a much better state, haha, minus the fact that I still have tons of papers, finals coming up, and internships to apply for (aka the usual).  A little stress never hurt anyone I suppose…

Best of luck to those of you NaNoWriMoing (1-2 more day(s)!!!)

Whimsically Yours,



The Weekly Fashionista: Twenties Speakeasy meets Urban Grunge

Randomness…I know that’s what you’re thinking.  First of all what is “twenties speakeasy” and “urban grunge” and when/why/how are they meeting each other???  Haha I know I’m a mind reader 😉

The Definitions

Twenties Speakeasy

  • Speakeasy – an establishment that illegally sells alcoholic beverages.  They came about during the Prohibition (sale, manufacturing, etc…of alcohol illegal) in the United States (1920-1933)
  •  Think Great Gatsby-esque

Urban Grunge

  • According to Fashion Blog Life Grunge fashion originates from the 80s & its combination of punk style clothing and practical outdoor wear.  
  • It’s typically anti-establishment: think holes in clothing, worn fabrics, spikes, and vinyl
  • the Urban in front of the grunge is just emphasizing it’s “city” appeal/focus
  • Kurt Cobain-esque + a haute couture(ish) twist


So my college’s fashion organization, à la mode, is hosting its annual fashion show (eXposé) early this year, December 8th, 2012, and I’m one of the student fashion designers.  Now I know, that too might seem random, but I actually used to want to go to fashion design school.  In fact I almost applied to several fashion design schools including FIDM, FIT, Parson’s, etc…Of course I don’t know if I would have gained admission but regardless it’s still sometime that interests me.

When I got the email via my college’s posting community, I was like why not, and I signed up without even considering the fact that I haven’t actually sketched something in years.  I’ve dabbled in a few things when I was considering apply but my “hayday” was when I was 9-14 years old (LOL).

But the theme is Twenties Speakeasy and I love fashion, and I love doing random creative things so I’m doing it.  We don’t have to design to the theme but I thought it would be fun however the inner fashion designer in me feels I just cannot simply do twenties speakeasy so I’m adding in some grunge.

Why grunge???  Well the 1920s while typically thought of as a time when tons of wealth/industry… was around, etc… (hence term “Roaring Twenties”) but in actuality people were still suffering, people wanted to reach the American Dream etc.. (very Gatsby-esque).   So to highlight all of that I’m combining the establishment (typical flashy twenties fashion that only the upper crust was able to afford) with Urban Grunge (THE fashion of the ANTI-establishment…not really but for my purposes, yes)!

Where will it take me…I have no idea, I have all the ideas in my head for example I want to make a typical flapper dress out of vinyl and pair it with some black spiked boots and a blue jean jacket…or maybe the dress will be made out black lace/idk 🙂

(maybe something similar to this)

What are cool things you’re planning on doing or things you’ve always wanted to do yet never have?  How can you find a way to accomplish those things?

Whimsically Yours,


P.S. I’ll keep you posted on my fashion designing adventures 🙂

Vogue Then And Now

I love Vogue.  And finally after weeks of forgetting I got THE Vogue September Issue.  OMG!!!  It’s a Fashionista Must Have.  This issue though is a special one because it celebrates Vogue’s 120th anniversary!!!  I will be posting a more detailed post another day but for now I wanted to share with you some amazing photos highlighting Vogue’s journey to where it is now 🙂



The Original Cover

Fashion For a Men’s Eye…???

Of course many fashion designers are men…


The September 2012 Cover

Whimsically Yours,


The Weekly Fashionista: The Lace Edition

This is a special edition of the Weekly Fashionista post, usually in this post we would cover three hot fashion items but

in honor of this season’s hottest trend we have decided to only focus on one thing:



Lace is everywhere and on everyone.  It is the perfect summertime fabric: it is light, breezy, flirty, pretty, and it comes in many colors and styles.

You can get a lace clothing item in any shape however the most popular lace items are the lace top and the lace dress.

The lace top is a marvelous thing.  It comes in many varieties.  You can buy flowy lace sleeveless tops, snug lace long sleeve tops, or you could just buy a shirt that has lace designs intermixed with other fabric types.

In my closet I have a sung quarter-length lace top that has flower designs, a lace top that has lace on the front and with a cotton front underneath and on the back, and a plain lace tank top that is almost completely see-through.

I think what I love the most about lace tops is that they are great for layering.  You can wear a bandeau bra under one for a night out, or you can put a colorful tank top under one and pair it with some black slacks or a pencil skirt for a fun addition to your usual business casual attire.

A lace top is a must, I prefer white lace because I feel that it is more versatile for my layering taste but black and pink lace are other popular lace colors that look great as well.

The lace dress:

Lace dresses come in many styles, just like lace tops.  I have a cream colored lace dress with quarter length sleeves that comes to my knees.  It is gorgeous.  It can be easily dressed up and down.  I have worn it to go to places and events such as brunch, the mall, church, and even to an interview (when paired with a nice black blazer and flats).

It too is a must have item.

I also have a shorter pale pink lace dress that I often wear on a girl’s’ day out with a cute pink or black belt.    I got it at Forever 21 for around $15…it was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made at that store.

But say you want something a little more “sexier”, something that will still be appropriate to wear during the day time but good for the nighttime as well.  If that is the case then I suggest you go and get you one of the ever popular tight lace dresses that I see popping up everywhere.

You can find them and other lace dresses and tops at every women’s fashion/department store that is similar to the likes of Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Love Culture, and H&M.  The prices range from $6 (the lowest I have seen for a lace top at Love Culture) to who knows what, although usually you can buy a good lace dress for no more than $30.

So in honor of Whimsically Yours, The Weekly Fashionista, and of course lace…go declare yourself a lace shopping day, it will be some of the most fun you will have shopping for clothing.

Whimsically Yours,