Picture of the Day: Evolution of Fat

Picture of the Day: Evolution of Fat

Pictures are something I really like and since I see so many funny ones I am going to start posting a picture everyday.

Today we have the Evolution of Fat, it was shown to me by my father. My father is the for the Wellness Coordinator at the company I am currently interning at aka he’s a health expert. He lives and breathes healthiness (he is seriously fit). But he also has a very funny, yet completely non PC sense of humor.

***All of this, along with my neat, overbearing (probably slightly bipolar) and loving mother led to me having a wonderful yet crazy childhood. And the really crazy thing is that I am a combination of all of their best…and their worst characteristics that along with my whimsical, save the world, sarcastic Aquarius self makes me practically two steps away from the loony bin. (Jk I am not really crazy, I just like to rant a lot (as you can probably tell).***

But back to the picture: After I first saw it there was no stopping the laughter, sad thing is it is very true. Regardless of you views on the beginning part of evolution you can probably with me that we went from a hunter-gatherer society, to a society that became truly evolved (I’m going to ignore all of the negatives for now) with technologies and industries that our hunter-gatherer selves did not/maybe only dreamed of.

And now, unfortunately, it seems that we are digressing:

~there is widespread obesity and not just with adults but with children too 😦
~wars that are waged in ways that never used to cause such destruction
~immense corruption
~failing worldwide economies
~global poverty and hunger
~the loss/eventual loss of many cultures

The list goes on and in my opinion this picture captures all of that. However I do seem to over-interpret things so this as usually is up to your interpretation and to any debate/conversation you want to have in the comments section below 🙂


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