Love Thy Neighbor(s)?!?!

A few days ago this was tweeted by a senior at Wellesley College: 

racist tweet muslim hate speech

As a member of the Wellesley College Community, a sophomore, a student leader and especially the President of Ethos for the 2013-2014 academic year (WC organization for students of African Descent) this has greatly upset me.

Now I understand that freedom of speech is something that, as citizens of the United States of America, we have.  However no where in the Bill of Rights does it say you cannot get in trouble for what you say.  You have the freedom to say it but you also must accept the consequences that come with that speech.  I get that the bombing of Boston on Patriots Day was something none of us ever expected to happen, as was 9/11 or any of the worldwide acts that are both “natural” and “unnatural”.  But there is no reason for anyone, ever, to say something like this.

In her blog posts the @DisgruntlesTwee tries to defend herself by stating she wanted to “go against the grain” she wanted to oppose Wellesley’s “liberal culture”.  As someone who is a bit closer to the “conservative culture” of our society I just want to say that we are not all like that.  This isn’t nor should it be a matter of liberal vs. conservative.  And I cannot stand when people try to make it one.  Let’s just face it, you fucked up.  Yes, there is a HUGE “liberal culture” on this campus and yes it is hella annoying at times (haha, hella).  BUT being racist only perpetuates the stereotype that all conservatives are dumb and racist as fuck.  Don’t blame your political leanings on the fact you don’t know how to appropriately talk about a culture, that you like to stereotype and such.

We, the minority around here are damn tired of being stereotyped.  We are tired of racist people like yourself stating things like this in a public forum and getting all defensive when you’re called out.  Let me tell you something, we might be minorities but we are strong and when we stand together you’d better believe we’re going to show y’all how it’s done.

And to ALM and my other siblings out there who were affected by the many racist, Islamophobic and similar statements that recently came out in a flood as a result of the Boston marathon bombings, my heart and my voice are with you.

Also Thank You Laila Alawa for speaking up!

Together We Stand.

(not so much at all) Whimsically Yours,


The Marathon

When 9/11 happened although I remember where it was, I honestly was too little to remember all the details. But when this happened, I was sitting on the top of Sev Green (Wellesley College). My friends and I had just finished cheering on the runners at our classic scream tunnel, since Wellesley is the half point, and having a huge dance party & BBQ on Munger Meadow. We were chilling, some of us were smoking hookah, some were half asleep and then it happened. One bomb went off and instantly all of the days fun was forgotten. Instead we began wondering about our friend who was running the Boston Marathon as well as the bystanders and other participants. Luckily my friend was okay but for many others that was not the case…let us bond together in support of those injured and lost in the aftermath.

Stay strong Boston, Wellesley loves you!!

Whimsically Yours,