Be careful what you wish for…

I’m currently sitting in my mother’s minivan, and I think I am about to die. It is so hot here, I love Texas but this is unbearable.

When I first got here in May for summer break I was overjoyed, not only to spend time with my family and friends but for a change in weather. I had been wishing for the sun every one it was cloudy or rainy in Boston (almost every day). Also I was always getting some kind of cold so I really wanted to get back to Texas and build my immune system back up, thankfully that’s working 🙂

Whomever says that wishes don’t come true is a liar because this one is definitely a reality but then again the saying be careful what you wish for is definitely very true as well.

I’m going to miss Texas, that’s for sure, and I’m not looking forward to the Boston rain, but this is too much.


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