Repost: Picture of the Day: Funny Lord of the Rings Obamacare Meme

**This is a repost of the post “Picture of the Day: Funny Lord of the Rings Obamacare Meme” from June 29, 2012.**

In honor of Obamacare and the tons of scholars Facebook creates (they are the reason I rarely go on) here’s a funny meme:

…it’s so true lol

Background story: Early Yesterday when I got an update from my Washington post app, about Obamacare passing I immediately shared it on Facebook to see what responses it would get. Two hours later there were posts everywhere about Obamacare.  People I know who don’t even care about politics had something to say, and of course my very opinionated, ĂĽber liberal Wellesley siblings had tons to say.

Not that I’m an expert about Obamacare but I do understand it well so when I see posts that make no sense or clearly show that someone hasn’t even bothered to look up a summary of the law (whether you disagree or agree with something you should always “know your stuff” before voicing your opinion) it can be a little annoying…but oh well that’s life.


Disclaimer: If you die of laughter I am not liable 🙂

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This is hilarious…make sure you go to bottledworder’s blog to check out parts 2 & 3.

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In my wanderings through various cities and university towns, I encountered a strange creature called the writer (and its close cousin, the critic). I was told that it is an endangered species. The world does not need it much any more having advanced to higher levels of the human condition thanks to the blessings of technological advancement.

Now  that the governments of the world are  only nurturing  STEM’s– Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics–to pave the way to the future, no one quite knows what to do with these writers–these fruits of  civilization.

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