Updates – 11/29/12


  1. eXpose – my college fashion org’s student run fashion show has been postponed until next semester which means I have all of Winter break to work on my designs!!!
  2. At 4pm EST today 12/3/12 look for a review of the YA Dystopia Sovereign by E.R. Arroyo, check out her interview with moi 🙂
  3. Tomorrow On 12/4/2012 I will announce a book giveaway of Sovereign (ebook or paperback) so look for that then
  4. Tomorrow On 12/4/2012 I will also post a list of MUST follow industry blogs for writes, they are my favorite writing blogs above and beyond the rest
  5. And last but certainly not least congratulations to Stephanie Diaz, who I interviewed for Whimsically Yours‘ Teens Can Write TOO Week (she’s now 20), for selling her YA novel EXTRACTION to St. Martin’s Press for publication in 2014!!!!! 🙂  Check out her website to learn more 🙂

Also there are a couple pits contests coming up/going on that if you have a completed & polished manuscript you should definitely look out for and enter:

  • Pitch Wars You have until December 5th to enter – it’s a contest where agented authors, industry interns, and editors team up with aspiring writers to shine up their manuscripts and pitches to present to some awesome agents.




  • Pitch Mas – Tuesday 12/4: 11pm-2am EST is the first submission window  with Thursday 12/6 being an all day Twitter pitch fest!




And for the record my life is in a much better state, haha, minus the fact that I still have tons of papers, finals coming up, and internships to apply for (aka the usual).  A little stress never hurt anyone I suppose…

Best of luck to those of you NaNoWriMoing (1-2 more day(s)!!!)

Whimsically Yours,



Get On Your Bus

Hello Readers,

I hope you are having a wonderful Friday, and unlike me, are 100% not under the weather.  I’m going through my yearly “change of the seasons illness” where I literally go from having a sore throat to body aches to a snuffy then runny nose all within the course of a few days 😦  So in honor of the fact that I don’t feel well enough to do much movement I wanted to discuss the importance of “getting on your bus”.

I was inspired to write this post by a post my father posted on his fitness/wellness blog for his company Bfit Solutions.  The post is titled “Get On Your Bus” as is mine, so please check it out…he’s far more inspirational and wise than I am 🙂

The metaphor of a bus or any sort a vehicle that can take you to your destination is one of the most powerful and used metaphors out there.  When approaching completely new phases in your life or even when wanting a slight change it is important to know where you are going.  However knowing where you are going/want to go, especially in this digital age with even more distractions than before is not enough.  In addition you must know what you need on your journey.  But as my father always says “Pack Light”.

As a writer & reader I am always creating new things and traveling to new places, whether I actually leave my place of residence or not.  Beginning a new story is like trying a new route to get somewhere.  When I start all I have is a blank piece of paper, my first instinct is to “try it the old way” but that doesn’t always work.  Sometimes for a new story, a new journey, we must be willing to take a different path.  I’m a pantser by nature which means I write, I go with the flow, without thinking much at all but that doesn’t always work.  Sometimes I have to plan, I need tons of paper, pens, highlighters, research book, and many more things…these are my materials, my bus fare, my fuel.

Then there comes a time when I might get stuck, maybe it was because I don’t know my characters well enough or because I planned too little or too much, regardless stuck I am.  In order to get unstuck I sometimes need to take a break, not all journeys, all road trips, all destinations can be reached in one day, one week, one month, or even one year.  Sometimes you have to take multiple routes, change buses to reach your destination.  The best athletes know when to push themselves and when they need a break.  My life as a writer is no different.

Then one day, it happens…I am no longer stuck.  Now I am writing, I have finally figured out the bus routes, they’re memorized, second nature.  I know not to let my gas get to empty before filling it up, I am prepared.  I write and write and soon I am done.  But the journey is not over.  I must resist the temptation to send in my work, it’s that beginners happiness the feeling that everything is perfect  I don’t need my map, I know the way.  Wrong.  If you’re not patient enough, you’ll submit too soon, you’ll tire yourself out, and you’ll get feedback that doesn’t truly represent what you’re capable of.  The best things in life are always worth waiting & working for.

Don’t pester the bus driver, don’t become like a little kid constantly asking “Are we there yet?” 

When you are there, you will know it.  

So you’ll revise, you’ll pull out a book and read it (for every writer knows that the next best thing to writing is reading).  You’ll sit quietly in the bus and read or you’ll crank up the radio in your car, humming or singing obnoxiously (like moi) as you drive along (wanting to punch that annoying GPS, whose voice is anything but soothing).  Then, as if by magic, you’ll look up or see a sign and realize that you’ve made it.  You are at your destination.

But don’t celebrate yet, just because you’ve finished writing or editing or revising a book doesn’t mean it’s over.  You still have to catch the bus back or fill your car up with gas in order to get yourself back home.  As a writer the journey is never over, we must constantly be able to adapt just as someone who rides the bus must when the routes change or the bus is delayed.  We must be ever patient and know that improvement is something we must always strive for, for when the book is done we still  have to find an agent, or prepare to self publish, and market our books.  And even then, once we have reached the end of that journey, of that book, we begin again, a new story, a new day, a new journey awaits….Always & Forever.

Whimsically Yours,

Things Harry Potter Taught Me


If there can be said to be one book series that has truly influenced/influences my life it is the Harry Potter Series.

I like many grew up reading Harry Potter. I will never forget the first time I read and watched The Sorcerer’s Stone . I used to preorder the books so that I could get them as soon as they released. I love reading but never have I ever waited with so much anticipation for another set of books.


I used to wish I would get my letter every day, long after my eleventh birthday has passed. Luckily for me my college has its own Platform 9 3/4 and has rooms that remind me of Hogwarts so I am content.

For some time now I have wanted to write down all of the things Harry Potter taught me but that would take forever. Thankfully I found these images while searching the web, although they do not cover everything what they do say is enough.

Literally and metaphorically Harry Potter is the kind of book series that can change a child’s life. It is the kind of series that if read well will teach you everything you need I know.

Because of Harry Potter, I will never forget that there is no post on Sundays. I remember the first time I read that and every Sunday since then, I have whispers to myself with a smile that there is no post on Sundays.

Our lives may not be perfect and we may not live forever but I truly believe that if we follow the lessons of Harry Potter not only will we do great things but we may just learn to live a little as well.


Mischief Managed,

Dear Aziza,

Dear Aziza,

I have much to tell you and not so much time to tell it so I have decided to write you a letter, hopefully this will do the trick.

In less than a year you will have graduated from Lawrencehill, and though you do not know it yet you will have changed.  But that is not what is important what is important is that you not be afraid to be yourself.  I know that your life hasn’t been easy, your father is not around, and you mother, for the most part, is consumed with her work. And when she is there all she does is nag you.  You have never felt like she really understands who you are but you’ve always been too afraid to tell her.  So afraid that instead of being yourself you’ve hid it in a little box under your bed and have tried as hard as possible to live up to her expectations.

Well, I am here to tell you that enough is enough.  Your mother is miles away, and you are at boarding school.  Do yourself a favor and start doing more things that you want to do.  You don’t want to go to Brown, stop kidding yourself and don’t apply.

 Let me tell you a story about a girl I once knew.  She did theater with me and while she wasn’t an amazing actress she was pretty good.  Her parents wanted her to quit theater but what they didn’t understand was that for her it wasn’t a game or a hobby…it was her life.  I tried to help her, we went to theater auditions together and I helped her research some affordable schools.

Where is she now: at a local community college, in their nursing program.  She told me that she would always love theater but that “something has to pay the rent”.  She let her parents convince her that her dream wasn’t worthwhile and so it isn’t.

There will come a day when you go to college.  Listen to me when I say that for people like us, who have never fought for their dreams before, that this is the best chance.  But remember once you enter college you must hold your dreams and your goals above everything else because if you do not they will be forsaken.

One day, in one of my college organizations, we were playing a game.  We were allowed to ask someone any questions we wanted about their life.  So me, who wanted to test a theory ask one of the seniors what her dream job would be.  Immediately everyone looked at me as if I was crazy.  “Don’t you know that’s the one question you never ask a college senior” someone said to me.  I was shocked…isn’t that what we should be asking them.  I mean  is that not what this college, with a tuition price of over $50,000, a year promised its students…success.

And wasn’t that what success meant, following your dreams and making money doing it???  Guess not.  See what I had begun to notice was that most college seniors took a job in a law firm as a paralegal,  as a human resources assistant, or as an entry-level associate in a management consulting or iBanking firm.  All of them truly believed that they would work there for a couple of yeras and then go get their MBA or JD and pursue their dreams.  Select few did what they wanted to do and lived “average”.  And for some reason you never heard of these students, probably because in the eyes of my college, I guess not makin  6 figures and doing what you really wanted to do wasn’t success…or at least it wasnt successful enough to have enough money to donate to the college 🙂

So Aziza, my point is that you must follow your dreams now, you must begin to make them a reality now.  Because the longer you wait, the less likely it is that it will happen.

My dad is someone I know who has finally reached “the dream”, as of next year he will move into his country home and run his wellness company.  But even he has told me that one should start as so as possible because for all he knows, something could happen tomorrow that prevents him from seeing his dream.

And so, I urge you to seize the day.  it is true, we do not know what tomorrow will bring so we must live our lives to the fullest so that if tomorrow is not a sunny as today at least we can say the we truly lived.


Whimsically Yours,


Growing Up

Never Ever Ever Grow Up…you can mature, actually please do but don’t grow up. There are already too many grown ups who aren’t following their dreams or who are immature what the world needs is more people who remembers what it’s like to be young 🙂

Whimsically Yours,

The Serious Butterfly

“Too many people grow up. That’s the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up. They forget. They don’t remember what it’s like to be 12 years old. They patronize, they treat children as inferiors. Well I won’t do that.”

 – Walt Disney

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