“The Netflix Effect” For Books?

Great conversation starter. This is worth looking into. I know as a reader I feel so much frustration when I have to wait 2/3/4 years for the final book. As a writer I understand how challenging it could be & nervewracking to write all of those books at once & see them published at once. As a publicist I think it’d be fun to promote an author with an entire series out at once, but I also think it raises a lot of questions on the upfront trust a publisher has to have in that author. Many times the publication of books 2, 3 and so forth depend on the success of the 1st and succeeding books. Publishes cancel series all the time. It’s unfortunate, but it’s a reality because publishing is a business. I think small presses are well placed to adopt or try out this model because there aren’t as many upfront costs aka risks involved. I’d love to hear others weigh on on John’s points and mine.

Teens Can Write, Too!

**Please note: This is all speculation. I’m a writer, not a publishing insider, but I think this is a topic worth discussing.**

If you are familiar with the television realm, you’ve probably heard in some way about “The Netflix Effect.” Basically, the Netflix Effect–or at least the one I’m referring to–describes the growing shift toward binge watch-able shows. Since Netflix now has its own television shows (Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, etc.), they have decided to shake things up, and so rather than releasing one episode every week, they make all thirteen in a season available at once on the season’s release date. This new strategy has done wonders for the company and its subscribers, as it gives people a way to watch the seasons straight through without having to worry about forgetting what happened in the previous episode. Another interesting twist is, I think, that this method gives fans an incentive to…

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