The Weekly Fashionista: For the Love of Scarves

Scarves, Scarves, Scarves, Scarves, Scarves!

I love scarves.  They are the perfect accessory to any and every outfit.  And…as much as I love summer, it’s finally Fall or Autumn (whatever you prefer) so now you can wear scarves and not look ridiculous.

Now as with everything, buying a good scarf depends on how well you know your scarves.  Scarves can be found everywhere this time of year, from Claire’s & Charming Charlie’s to Target, H&M, Nordstrom, Burberry and beyond!  For all scarves are NOT created equal.

As for my favorite scarves there are the tube/circle/ infinity scarves that can be found as low as $9.95 at H&M.  I’m sure there are cheaper ones somewhere but I think H&M does a fine job at providing a product that is both affordable and well made.

No, they do not sponsor me…hahaha, now that would be something.

These scarves are extremely easy to use.  I know you might not want to admit it but I’m sure there has been a time where you just couldn’t fashion your scarf as nice as you wanted it to look.  Well with these scarves you don’t have to worry about tying or crossing your scarf to make it look “cool” while still keeping you warm (for that is its purpose).  They are so easy to put on, great for throwing on last minute as you walk out the door.  They are also very warm, if you wrap them twice they will ensure that no wind gets anywhere close to you neck and chest!

Aside from the tube/circle/ infinity scarf (my newest scarfsession) I have my old friend, the Pashmina silk scarf (thank you Brad, for offering to model…tell Angie I said hi).

Pashmina silk scarves are wonderful for they can be wrapped various ways and they range from more of a fashion accessory that is warm but not snugly similar to the ones, Jessica Alba is wearing, all the way to thicker ones like the one Brad Pitt has on (in the picture at the top of the post).

I think Pashmina’s are super fashionable, the perfect way to channel your inner fashionista (or whatever you will).

I have found some beautiful Pashmina’s at Charming Charlie’s for $9.98 (they have a great scarf collection), however my best Pashmina’s have been bought at mall/street vendors in the city…ooo lala.

Whatever your style, don’t delay, go out n’ get your scarf, today!  

Visit Girlishh for a list of more scarf types 🙂

Whimsically Yours,



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