…On Another Note

Moving on from the randomnessI recently acquired (bought lol) some new cake decorating tools/supplies as well as some fabric for my  fashionista project! 

This is is a pretty basic set but I needed it since I lost most of my tips & other tools and have no icing colors for the fondant (got 40% off this one!!!)

Fondant…finally – am I ready to take this step in my cake decorating (idk) but I’m gonna 🙂

Beautiful fabric, I don’t know if you can see it but it’s black suede fabric (with a cool “crackle-finger nail polish-esque” pattern).  I plan on using it to make a dress.  If you want to see my inspiration board/what I’m thinking of doing/styling for my designs check out my Pinterest board for the show!

Now if only I could get out of the randomness to actually do something with this stuff…I’m thinking baking my first fondant cake on Sunday/Monday for my five-year-old sister’s sixth birthday & hopefully sewing the beginning of the dress on Monday (since the fashion show is Dec. 8!!!).

*Finger crossed & wishing for my fairy godmother (because boy do I need your help)*

What are new things you recently acquired (hopefully through legal means…don’t tell me otherwise) or new projects you’ve started/goals you have?

Whimsically Yours,



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