Get On Your Bus

Hello Readers,

I hope you are having a wonderful Friday, and unlike me, are 100% not under the weather.  I’m going through my yearly “change of the seasons illness” where I literally go from having a sore throat to body aches to a snuffy then runny nose all within the course of a few days 😦  So in honor of the fact that I don’t feel well enough to do much movement I wanted to discuss the importance of “getting on your bus”.

I was inspired to write this post by a post my father posted on his fitness/wellness blog for his company Bfit Solutions.  The post is titled “Get On Your Bus” as is mine, so please check it out…he’s far more inspirational and wise than I am 🙂

The metaphor of a bus or any sort a vehicle that can take you to your destination is one of the most powerful and used metaphors out there.  When approaching completely new phases in your life or even when wanting a slight change it is important to know where you are going.  However knowing where you are going/want to go, especially in this digital age with even more distractions than before is not enough.  In addition you must know what you need on your journey.  But as my father always says “Pack Light”.

As a writer & reader I am always creating new things and traveling to new places, whether I actually leave my place of residence or not.  Beginning a new story is like trying a new route to get somewhere.  When I start all I have is a blank piece of paper, my first instinct is to “try it the old way” but that doesn’t always work.  Sometimes for a new story, a new journey, we must be willing to take a different path.  I’m a pantser by nature which means I write, I go with the flow, without thinking much at all but that doesn’t always work.  Sometimes I have to plan, I need tons of paper, pens, highlighters, research book, and many more things…these are my materials, my bus fare, my fuel.

Then there comes a time when I might get stuck, maybe it was because I don’t know my characters well enough or because I planned too little or too much, regardless stuck I am.  In order to get unstuck I sometimes need to take a break, not all journeys, all road trips, all destinations can be reached in one day, one week, one month, or even one year.  Sometimes you have to take multiple routes, change buses to reach your destination.  The best athletes know when to push themselves and when they need a break.  My life as a writer is no different.

Then one day, it happens…I am no longer stuck.  Now I am writing, I have finally figured out the bus routes, they’re memorized, second nature.  I know not to let my gas get to empty before filling it up, I am prepared.  I write and write and soon I am done.  But the journey is not over.  I must resist the temptation to send in my work, it’s that beginners happiness the feeling that everything is perfect  I don’t need my map, I know the way.  Wrong.  If you’re not patient enough, you’ll submit too soon, you’ll tire yourself out, and you’ll get feedback that doesn’t truly represent what you’re capable of.  The best things in life are always worth waiting & working for.

Don’t pester the bus driver, don’t become like a little kid constantly asking “Are we there yet?” 

When you are there, you will know it.  

So you’ll revise, you’ll pull out a book and read it (for every writer knows that the next best thing to writing is reading).  You’ll sit quietly in the bus and read or you’ll crank up the radio in your car, humming or singing obnoxiously (like moi) as you drive along (wanting to punch that annoying GPS, whose voice is anything but soothing).  Then, as if by magic, you’ll look up or see a sign and realize that you’ve made it.  You are at your destination.

But don’t celebrate yet, just because you’ve finished writing or editing or revising a book doesn’t mean it’s over.  You still have to catch the bus back or fill your car up with gas in order to get yourself back home.  As a writer the journey is never over, we must constantly be able to adapt just as someone who rides the bus must when the routes change or the bus is delayed.  We must be ever patient and know that improvement is something we must always strive for, for when the book is done we still  have to find an agent, or prepare to self publish, and market our books.  And even then, once we have reached the end of that journey, of that book, we begin again, a new story, a new day, a new journey awaits….Always & Forever.

Whimsically Yours,

Off, Off & Away

The day is August 31, 2012, and my clock currently reads 1:19 AM.  By the time you read this post I’ll already be a plane, halfway to Boston to begin my sophomore year in college.  But that’s not why I’m writing this post, sure I could write about my family, and valuing every minute with others, and saying goodbye, yada yada yada but I’m trying to steer out of the pit of emotions that I often live in.

Instead this post is about my summer and all the things I’ve accomplished and you can accomplish in three months.  

My summer officially started after my last final exam sometime in mid-late May of 2012.  I was so excited to come home but when I got here I found that life hadn’t changed that much (go figure).  Well, my dad took my brother, sister, and I on a vacation to South Padre, it was amazing and a great way to destress from college.

I’m not positive but I think that’s when I started or at least when I really got into writing my (now, first completed) manuscript, BLOOD OF ISIS.  

In classic Patrice style, I told no one, and I spent time (whenever I wasn’t at the beach) writing.  I actually began and almost finished BLOOD OF ISIS completely by writing it by hand in a few notebooks (it was such a pain to type it!).

Then I began my summer job, I hated it, all of that paperwork, copying, &completely mundane tasks but if it were not for that job two things wouldn’t have happened:  1) BLOOD OF ISIS might not be/ever have been finished 2)I would have never started Diary of a Paper Pusher.

  1. I had so much free time during that job, in fact (especially towards the end of the summer) 75% of the time I was doing nothing 7 what better use of my time than writing, so write I did.
  2. You might but you probably don’t know about Diary of a Paper Pusher, but in short it was my way of dealing life as a bored intern.  And seriously, what better way if there of dealing with anything than satirizing & writing about it 🙂  If you click on the link above you will see that it didn’t exist for very long & it’s full of horrible grammar.  However it gave way to Whimsically Yours and that is what’s important…maybe I’ll make a book out of it one day (?).

During the time I was writing BLOOD OF ISIS, I started this blog (on June 25th).  At the time I had started many blogs, had recently created another one, however I never kept those blogs more than a couple weeks.  Somehow a combination of frustration over starting and never finishing blogs (TBH I don’t think I was inspired enough by those) and frustration over feeling like no one was listening to/valued my opinions led me to starting this blog.

I could quote statistics: page views, followers…but none of that is truly important what’s important is that I validated myself.  I gave myself faith in me which after the many ups & downs of my first year in college and previous years in high school, was exactly what I needed.  Honestly, had it not been for this summer I don’t think I would have ever wrote a book, started a blog, created a writer website, started writing two new WIPs, got closer to family & friends, fell back in love with reading, and made some amazing connections with fellow writers, bloggers, and so forth.

So I just want to say to everyone reading this, you can do it.  You really can.  What’s important is that you keep trying.  I am no where close to where I am to be I’m only touching the tip of the life boat.  I still have to figure out how to get in (without toppling it over), get to the shore, and back on my feet again.  But the important thing is that I have begun the journey.

If my life was an epic fantasy, say LOTR, Gandalf has already come knocking, I’ve found out about the ring, I’ve decided to begin the journey, I’ve got to Bree, and I’m currently at Rivendell where the Fellowship of the Rings has just been formed.  This is not me knocking down my accomplishments, rather it’s me being realistic and accepting the fact that I still have a long way to go before I reach Mordor.  However at this point I do realize that there’s no turning back; Shire life, for me, is no more.   Am I scared?  A little I would be a fool not to be–fear is what keeps us fighting for those dreams to come true and goals to be reached–but more than anything I’m excited, I can’t wait and most importantly I’m proud of myself which is something I haven’t been in a long time.

(I hope I didn’t confuse you with my analogy–if I did first click here & buy & read it, then click here (because you’ll still probably be confused/won’t remember everything) and if all else fails watch the movie) 🙂

What are you summer accomplishments, future goals, dreams aspirations???  And if you really want a challenge–how far are you on your epic journey (liken it to a book or movie for funsies)? 🙂

So I’ve Been Thinking


I love this blog. When I started this blog, only a little more than a week ago, I was just plain angry. I wanted to share with the world my thoughts, my feelings, and who I really am. Since then this blog has really evolved into something more than my need to share myself with the world.

I have realized that I actually, as I have always thought and hoped, am not a bad writer. I love sharing my thoughts with others, and I love to hear what others have to say.

At first every post liked was a validation of my abilities as a writer, a validation that came only because I allowed myself to validate my abilities by posting that first post, “Why I Write”.

Then came my first slump: I’ve never been that patient of a person, and I didn’t feel like my blog was getting enough recognition. So I sat down one night and I wrote this post: “My Self Portrait”.. It was meant to only be a couple paragraphs but it turned into a long free form essay. It marked a crucial turning point for me, it was me realizing that I A) had been putting too much pressure on myself, that B) I am finally done being mad at myself for past mess-ups, and C) that I was ready to embrace myself and my deepest darkest dreams and desires.

And so here I am, I’ve renamed the website, and now I finally have a vision for this blog as well as a reason for why I really created this blog, “About Us”.

So for the first official time, I will always and forever be:

Whimsically Yours