Things Harry Potter Taught Me


If there can be said to be one book series that has truly influenced/influences my life it is the Harry Potter Series.

I like many grew up reading Harry Potter. I will never forget the first time I read and watched The Sorcerer’s Stone . I used to preorder the books so that I could get them as soon as they released. I love reading but never have I ever waited with so much anticipation for another set of books.


I used to wish I would get my letter every day, long after my eleventh birthday has passed. Luckily for me my college has its own Platform 9 3/4 and has rooms that remind me of Hogwarts so I am content.

For some time now I have wanted to write down all of the things Harry Potter taught me but that would take forever. Thankfully I found these images while searching the web, although they do not cover everything what they do say is enough.

Literally and metaphorically Harry Potter is the kind of book series that can change a child’s life. It is the kind of series that if read well will teach you everything you need I know.

Because of Harry Potter, I will never forget that there is no post on Sundays. I remember the first time I read that and every Sunday since then, I have whispers to myself with a smile that there is no post on Sundays.

Our lives may not be perfect and we may not live forever but I truly believe that if we follow the lessons of Harry Potter not only will we do great things but we may just learn to live a little as well.


Mischief Managed,