Pitch Wars Mentee Contender Blog Hop: Mentee Bio!


Alright, I’m joining in!  For those of us writers who entered Pitch Wars, we have some waiting ahead of us before we find out if we’ve been chosen by a mentor. In the meantime, the wonderful Christopher Keelty and Dannie Morin have a wonderful way for us to take off some of the stress…Mentee Bios!!! 


Hi Y’all, *waves* I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday. I’m especially happy because not only did I just get this super-great-further-inspiration for my YA WIP I’ve been stuck on (FYI followers: the Snow White retelling), I also get to do this awesome blog hop! I LOVE meeting writers. So if you’re a writer and you happen upon this post, please do tell a little about yourself and your current project!!!

Back to the introduction: I hail from Texas, but I attend college in/near Boston (Wellesley). The MS I submitted for Pitch Wars is a MG Thriller, Sci-Fi to be exact, about a twelve-year-old criminal mastermind and her companions who must traverse their city, New Atlantis, for a cube–codename Pandora’s Box–that, in the wrong hands, can destroy their city. Think Artemis Fowl mixed with the TV show Alias along with a bit of Fast and Furious (I like fast cars) and a ton of mythology/supernatural creatures.

Three Facts about Me

(because three is my favorite number)

1. I love inspirational quotes. I used to be really obsessed with horoscopes, as in I had to know the horoscope of anyone I liked to see if we were compatible. I gave up on that, thank goodness but in case you’re a horoscope person, I’m an Aquarius. I’ve heard we’re pretty awesome. Back to the quotes. Beside me, right now, is a huge Muhammad Ali poster with a quote about being a champion on it. I routinely post quotes on tumblr, my blog posts etc…basically anyone who works with me, will get back in return as much inspiration and hope as I’m sure you’ll give me. I love making people laugh and “get back on the horse.” Life’s too short to not live and I am to live every second of it (see what I mean about the quotes).

2. I like interpreting dreams. Why I’m stating this, I’m not quite sure. But I do have a dream dictionary and a knack for pulling dreams apart. This love *cough* obsession, came from all the weird dreams I have or used to have as I haven’t had any lately. Not complaining. At all.

3. My writing is comprised of everything I love. Growing up, I read everything, I still do, and though my interests tend to lean toward speculative fiction, there’s a bit in my stories for everyone (though I do usually write with one person in mind). I love mythology so you’ll always find that. I love Lemony Snicket, so my narrators, at times, tend to get a bit involved (don’t worry, I’ve gotten pretty good at taming them). But I can promise that anyone who works with me, will have a manuscript that constantly surprises them, in many good ways. My friends like to say my mind is every where. That’s probably because I take from everything, I’m constantly watching, listening, alert, awake. This is probably why my current WIP, though based off Snow White, has a bit of The Matrix, some great ink… tattoos, raises questions about healthcare and the use of antibiotics, and has romance because in tough times, love is what you need…oh and maybe a cure, but that story is for another time.

*Bonus – since a picture tells a thousand words and Pinterest and I are best buddies, I thought I’d share with you the Pinterest board for the MG I submitted to Pitch Wars and the rest of my boards (there’s an inspirational quote & writing inspiration one too!).

Many thanks to Christopher for starting this and to Dannie for organizing them. If you want to join in on the fun, click here to visit the linky (be sure to stop by others blogs)! Also, a huge thank you to Brenda Drake and all the wonderful mentors & agents ❤

P.S. I just bought THE SCORPIO RACES by Maggie Stiefvater & THE UNWANTEDS by Lisa McMann and cannot wait to read them!!! I’ve heard some great things so if they’re not on your to-reads, go put them on it 🙂 Also, this post by Maggie Stiefvater is what sold me on buying her book.

Whimsically Yours,



11 thoughts on “Pitch Wars Mentee Contender Blog Hop: Mentee Bio!

  1. Nice to meet you as well! I also entered my MG novel in Pitchwars. I would love to connect with you on blogs, twitter and FB. We can swap motivational quotes! 🙂 emilygmoorewriter.blogspot.com. @egmoorewriter, facebook.com/emilygmoorewriter. Best wishes for you and your pitchwars entry!

  2. Patrice, good luck with your #PitchWars submission! I enjoyed your bio. I love inspiration quotes too! I am also a HUGE Maggie Stiefvater fan. I have read everything she’s written (and met her once)! She’s amazing! You’ll enjoy THE SCORPIO RACES. Maggie’s words paint such beautiful pictures in my mind as I read. Enjoy!

    Best of luck!!

    • Hi Marie!
      Thank you & good luck to you 🙂 I’ve recently become so in love with her, she’s a master storyteller. Looking forward to reading THE SCORPIO RACES. I keep hearing such amazing things from people about it!

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