Happy Wednesday – 12/12/12

mean girls wednesday pinkHappy Wednesday – 12/12/12!!!

As the end of the year approaches, so has come the day 12/12/12…the last of the last “repetitive dates”. ┬áIn honor of this finale I bring you some 12/12/12 humor, enjoy!




And last but definitely not least…words from Ellen ­čÖé

ellen 121212

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Binders Full of Women – LOTR Style

Just like with Obamacare, Boromir is correct…

This is so random but…I found this amazing Tumblr,Binders Full of Women, and I just had to share it with the world (even though it appears the everyone already knows about it…I’m always on the late train lol).


For those of you who are a little out of the loop, like myself, during the debate Romney mentioned how he had binders full of women as a way to help him appoint women when he was governor (yeah, I know right, first Big Bird then Women…come on Romney). ┬áNow politics aside, you have to agree that that probably didn’t come out as well as he meant it to, poor guy, I feel bad for him at times. ┬áBut in light of his blunder the Tumblr, Binders Full of Women was born.

The Tumblr was started by Veronica de Souza, a Hofstra grad who after hearing Romney’s comments decided to make a Tumblr out of it…it became an instant internet sensation. ┬áFun Fact: (or actually not so) she found out she was fired before the debate,and now, as a result of the Tumblr, has received many job requests…what a way to pick yourself back up (and that’s why creativity &┬áresourcefulness┬áare essential).

Here’s one of my favorite’s…I’m sure you can guess why ­čśë

Feel free to share your funny political memes below or share funny Tumblrs/sites. ┬áI always need more things to distract myself…jk, but send them anyway.

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Repost: Picture of the Day: Funny Lord of the Rings Obamacare Meme

**This is a repost of the post “Picture of the Day: Funny Lord of the Rings Obamacare Meme” from June 29, 2012.**

In honor of Obamacare and the tons of scholars Facebook creates (they are the reason I rarely go on) here’s a funny meme:

…it’s so true lol

Background story: Early Yesterday when I got an update from my Washington post app, about Obamacare passing I immediately shared it on Facebook to see what responses it would get. Two hours later there were posts everywhere about Obamacare. ┬áPeople I know who don’t even care about politics had something to say, and of course my very opinionated, ├╝ber liberal Wellesley siblings had tons to say.

Not that I’m an expert about Obamacare but I do understand it well so when I see posts that make no sense or clearly show that someone hasn’t even bothered to look up a summary of the law (whether you disagree or agree with something you should always “know your stuff” before voicing your opinion) it can be a little annoying…but oh well that’s life.


Disclaimer: If you die of laughter I am not liable ­čÖé

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