The Super Spies and the Pied Piper


by Lisa Orchard

Book Blurb

Sarah Cole and her sister Lacey are at it once again when they learn their missing parents’ cell phone has been traced to Alden, Michigan. When the FBI declines to continue the investigation, Sarah takes matters into her own hands. She calls upon the Super Spies and they delve into the situation.Suddenly, the teens find themselves immersed in small town intrigue and mystery involving a menacing stranger, who Sarah dubs “The Stalker.”

But when Sarah learns he’s connected to her parents’ disappearance, she’s determined to find out what that connection is. The Super Spies embark on a journey that leads them into a web of corporate corruption at its highest level that leaves innocent victims in its wake.

Can they find the proof they need to stop the greedy corporation before it’s too late?

My Review

Owl rating

As with the previous two books in this series, THE SUPER SPIES AND THE PIED PIPER was quite the adventure.  I love fairy tales, mythology, and all types of folklore and such so from the title alone, I was intrigued to read more.

The girls are so witty and smart, not to mention they’re pretty much on their own.  I can’t even imagine my parents disappearing and it being up to my siblings and/or friends and I to find them.  Whew, what a task!  I thought the setup of everything was great, especially as someone who has read the previous books, it was nice to start off with a familiar setting.

However I didn’t connect to the girls as much as I usually do, especially not as much as I did with the last one.  I love the plot, and the mystery kept me guessing but for some reason I didn’t feel as much for the characters.  Hence the three owl rating since voice and characterization is what keeps me going.

That being said, I still love the series.  I’ve said this before but as someone who grew up reading Nancy Drew, it’s nice to have a group of friends out there solving town mysteries. I think these series would work great with a younger YA or upper MG audience.  I think friendship in YA isn’t shown as much as I’d like, at least friendship without feuds over a guy or a friend who “disappears” once the romantic interest comes into the story, and The Super Spies series keeps friendship a central theme.

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Many thanks to the author, Lisa Orchard, for sending me a copy to read and review.  This is a 100% honest review!

Whimsically Yours,



7 thoughts on “The Super Spies and the Pied Piper

  1. I find Lisa brings a modern day touch to her Super Spies series while giving it the nostalgic flavor of Nancy Drew mysteries. Kudos on your review, Lisa! Best wishes in all your publishing endeavors!

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