Picture of the Day: Loading by Tim Okamura

Loading by Tim Okamura

The title of this piece is “Loading” and it is a painting by the ever brillant Tim Okambura. He is literally a genius you must check him out, http://timokamura.com/flash.html

Anyway this painting of his is currently housed in the Davis Museum at my fabulous college…Wellesley College! When I went to the museum I was not there to see this painting, actually I was just there to accompany a friend while she looked at some art pieces she would be reviewing for the College News (we both write for the Arts Section!!!). As we we strolling around the museum we happened upon this painting “Loading” in the museum’s permanent collection. It instantly took my breath away, if you’re ever near the town of Wellesley (outside of Boston) you must come to the Davis and see it in person.

The brush strokes are nearly perfect, the detail is amazing. As an African American woman who has had natural hair all of her life yet rarely sees it depicted like this it was a truly amazing sight.

The museum guide who was there was more than happy to tell us about
the painting. She told us to look at the contrast between the two women, although both had natural hairstyles one was more professionally dressed and the other was more casual/street. The background setting for the painting is a loading dock that has the words loading in big bold white letters with a white dove in the upper left corner.

Then the guide told us something that most people don’t see at the very top of the painting there is writing in a small white font, unfortunately I didn’t write them down.

However I do remember that it  said something about loading and how humans are loaded with information etc… I remember at the time thinking that the message the artist must be trying I convey was that we as human beings are loaded with tons of information and from that information we receive we gain most of our characteristics and mannerisms. So to me it’s interesting
to think here you have these beautiful black women and yet they are in front of a loading dock…I wish I had wrote down the words but anyway…

What’s your interpretation?

Whimsically Yours,


4 thoughts on “Picture of the Day: Loading by Tim Okamura

  1. It’s not easy to interpret it, especially since we don’t see the words at the top. I do like that painting, though. Natural hair is my favorite (my daughter insists on braids and beads).

    I see the “contrast” between the “two women”, however it looks like the same person. Am I seeing incorrectly?

    • No I think you are seeing correctly, in fact I totally forgot to mention that. I think that that is what is really interesting; the picture says loading and there are two different versions of the same woman standing in front of this loading dock perhaps implying that we are able to be loaded wiht various information, multiple sides of the same person.

      • Aah, OK.

        His paintings make me want to start painting again. My favorite medium was watercolor.

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