WriteOnCon 2013

Hey Y’all! Yep.  This is my obligatory WriteOnCon post (#2).

…Wait, you don’t know what WriteOnCon is?  I knew it, you’re an alien.

Haha, don’t worry.  I’m not mad.  As of a few months plus one year ago, I didn’t either.  But I experienced last year’s, and I can happily report, I won’t be missing it anytime soon.

Okay, so really.  You’re still clueless.  Well, here’s a post I wrote about it back in March (yes, this would be #1).  It includes some of my favorites from last year’s WriteOnCon as well.

Go ahead.  Read it.

Waiting.  Processing.  Okay, good.

So yeah, as you now know WriteOnCon is this SUPER awesome writers’ conference that’s online & free!  Meaning you don’t have to uproot your life, no plane/bus/train tickets, spending $$$ on gas, begging your boss to let you off work (as if).  Nope, none of that.  Just pure soaking up of writerly awesomeness.

There will be posts you won’t want to miss (from agents, editors & writers), live chats, contests, networking, oh and let’s not forget the ninjas.  Yeah, I said it.  Ninja Agents (& Editors).  Waiting to attack (our manuscripts) and hopefully request some pages.

Oh, now you’re interested.  *roll’s eyes*  About time.  Well, there’s only one thing left to do.




The forums are open & waiting for you.  Oh and once you get through the glowly, excitement phase (you know, where you can’t believe how spectacular it is that such a conference exists), come find me.  Username’s whimsicallyours (real surprise there).  Yes, I promise not to rip your baby (aka manuscript) to shreds.  And even if you don’t get over your glowly, excitement phase (don’t worry, I haven’t) come find me.  I’m friendly.

Be sure to take advantage of all WriteOnCon has to offer.  You won’t regret it!

P.S.  You have about 1 week to get your query in shape…don’t dally.  Be bold, be dauntless & may the odds be ever in your favor (Seriously :(…what?  You knew I was going to say that).

Whimsically Yours,



Get Ready…WriteOnCon 2013!!!

Hey Y’all!

Have you ever wanted to attend a writer’s conference but didn’t have the money, time…?  Or Maybe you have attended a writer’s conference but want to attend another one.  Well, on May 28th some very exciting news was announced…WriteOnCon 2013 IS GOING TO BE FROM AUGUST 13-14TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yipeeeeeeeee!!!!

What’s WriteOnCon?

Only the coolest online conference.

Online Conference???…idk how I feel about that

Don’t worry, I had my doubts when I attended last year,  one big one was how would I actually connect with agents, authors and fellow writers?  Well, it’s easier than you think:

At WriteOnCon these wonderful agents are invited (see the list from last year) as Ninja Agents to prowl the conference, where you’ll post your complete manuscript, and if they like it and want to request a partial or full…they’ll let you know.  In addition it’s a great way to get feedback on your completed MS or WIP from other writers, agents and many other industry peeps.

There’s also tons of contests and giveaways for an agent to critique the first page of you manuscript or to win a copy of a newly released YA debut, just to name a few of the ones I participated in last year.

Many of the writers I met during WriteOnCon have continued to be valuable writer buddies to me, it gave me an opportunity to connect with some many people, especially as someone who had just completed her first manuscript and wasn’t sure how all of this worked yet.  I got so much amazing advice, I got my query torn to shreds (a good thing, I promise, it wasn’t too good), and I was able to get my first “behind the scenes” glance at what it really takes to be a writer.

What about workshops and panels that are typically found at other conferences?

WriteOnCon has those too!  There are tons of blog posts (that stay up forever!!!) with words of wisdom from authors, editors, and agents on querying, writing, revising, characterization…you name it WriteOnCon will probably have it.  Also there’s these live chats where a group of editors and agents, for example, might get together and answer you questions about various topics.  So, so, so, so, so helpful!

So stop your worrying, get to polishing that manuscript (who knows, maybe this will be the motivation you need to finish it), and sign up for the WriteOnCon mailing list so you can stay up to date on the shenanigans 😉  Also while you’re waiting, why don’t you go digging through the archives…I promise it’ll be fun 🙂

–FYI, although WriteOnCon is mostly for MG & YA authors, it definitely has useful information pertaining to all writers–

To get you started, here are a couple of my favorite posts/events I blogged about from WriteOnCon 2012. Can’t wait to see you there!

WriteOnCon!  – A post with the schedule of events from WriteOnCon 2012 as well as a list of the wonderful agents who were disguised as ninjas!!!

Authors Lenore Appelhans and Phoebe North on Blogging Pet Peeves

How do you know when your MS is ready to query? Lara Perkins from the Andrea Brown Literary talks about the mystical query(ing process & when to know if it’s time for you to start)

If you attended last year’s event (or a previous one) what was your favorite part???

Whimsically Yours,


How do you know when your MS is ready to query?

So over at WriteOnCon the lovely literary Lara Perkins from Andrea Brown Literary, posted about how to know if your MS is ready to query.  Now this is something I’ve read a lot about, sometimes I hear only “when it’s finished” and sometimes people give more detail that still isn’t very helpful, but Ms. Perkins provided a wonderful checklist:

Have I asked myself the following big-picture questions about my manuscript—and revised if the answer is no?

  • Does my story have a clear beginning, middle, and end?
  • Do my characters have interesting and relatable goals in which a reader can invest?
  • Are the stakes high?
  • Are my characters unique and differentiated from one another—in the way they speak, in the way they act, in the choices they make, in their goals/hopes/dreams?
  • Do my characters change throughout the story? Do they have character arcs, with definite beginnings, middles, and endings?
  • Are the obstacles that keep my characters from achieving their goals believable and interesting?
  • Are all the scenes and characters necessary to the story?
  • Is the action moving at a page-turning pace?
  • Do my chapter endings and beginnings fit together in a way that propels the reader into the next part of the story?
  • Am I the only person who can tell this story and is that reflected in the voice?
  • Is the voice consistent and well-matched for this story?
  • Is my story different from what’s out there? (Hopefully, this is the easiest question to answer because you’ve been reading constantly in your genre and age group…right?)

This is amazing and as I begin to prepare myself to query for BLOOD OF ISIS, I will definitely be asking myself these questions.  This is only step 6 in her post…but you should read the full post.

Whimsically Yours,



WriteOnCon is an amazing online writers’ conference.  I have had the pleasure to get such great feedback, feedback I really needed so please check it out.

The conference starts tomorrow with these events:


8:30 AM, EST: Picture book query submissions open. Author Emma Walton Hamilton will be critiquing and offering advice/feedback. Open for 20 hours, so don’t rush! 50 will be selected using random.org.

10:00 AM, EST: Literary agent Peter Knapp YA/MG Pitch Critique submissions open. Open for 20 hours, so don’t freak out! 50 pitches will be selected using random.org

10:00 AM, EST: Building Better Sentences submissions open. Author Gennifer Albin will critique the FIRST 100 WORDS of your manuscript. Submissions will remain open until we receive 100 entries, and Gennifer will select 10 randomly to showcase for her event on Wednesday, August 15.

12:00 PM, EST: Picture book stanza submissions open. Authors Corey Rosen Schwartz and Tiffany Strelitz Haber will be critiquing and offering advice/feedback. Submissions are open for 21 hours, and 20 entries will be selected using random.org.

NINJA AGENT THREADS open! Post your work in the appropriate thread (YAMG, or PB) and cross your crossables that the Ninjas will take a look!

(The passage below is taken from WriteOnCon’s website)

What the Ninjas will do:
1. Each Ninja Agent will be in the forum for at least one hour (some have multiple slots). You won’t know who, and you won’t know when…that’s the beauty of a ninja. They strike when you’re least expecting it.
2. Ninja Agents have been encouraged to leave feedback—as detailed or as vague as they want—on as many queries as they can. They can also request from the queries they read.

We are announcing who the Ninja Agents are, but not when they’ll be Ninja-ing or who’s who. So Ninja Agent Pink could be any of the following….

Our Ninjafied Nunchuckatorians are:

  • Anita Mumm with Nelson Literary
  • Roseanne Wells with Jennifer DeChiara Literary
  • Pamela van Hylckama Vlieg with Larsen-Pomada
  • Cheryl Pientka with Jill Grinberg Literary
  • Suzie Townsend with New Leaf Literary
  • Alycia Tornetta, editor with Entangled Publishing
  • Lara Perkins with Andrea Brown Literary
  • Stacy Abrams, editor with Entangled Publishing
  • Rhoda Belleza, editor with Paper Lantern Literary
  • Peter Knapp with Park Literary
  • Danielle Barthel with New Leaf Literary
  • Patricia Riley, editor with Spencer Hill Press
  • Danielle Ellison, editor with Spencer Hill Press
  • Jessica Sinsheimer with Sarah Jayne Freymann Literary Agency

So go check it out and enjoy!  While you are there stop by and look at my query 🙂  I’ll be blogging about the conference whenever I can.

Whimsically Yours,