The man who wins is the man who thinks he can.

If there’s any one word that can be used to describe this teen blogger and her post it’s determined. This teen is determined to succeed and do well in her life.

I found this post to be very uplifting: in it she states that she has/had an illness that made her physically weaker yet she makes a point to let you know that she’s still as determined as ever.

This post is almost like a call to arms, meant reminding you that no one or thing but yourself can stop you and at the same time reminding you that we are only human. Check her out!

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After yesterday’s bad feeling … I woke up today with a good-ish feeling but that feeling soon turned to a very good feeling, thnx to a very motivating vidZ that I watched at youtube !

I was inspired by all those vidZ, that I started thinking about life … And to be honest, I think that we are what we think, therefore when a person thinks  positive thinking then due to that, his life will be positive and good, because he trained his mind to always look at the brighter side !

 That is how all of us should do ! Nothing good can come out if we keep thinking about all the awful things that are going  on in our life …Me for example, if I continue to feel sorry about what happened to me and have self-pity that is not going to lead me anywhere!

Besides I have to admit…

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Forever young. ∞ ☮

Forever young is something that we should all aspire to be. Being forever young doesn’t mean that you are forever foolish, for not all of the young have that characteristic, rather it means that you know what you want in life and that you plan on staying true to yourself and enjoying what life has to offer.

In this post from Taylor Rhanee’s Blog, Taylor talks about the things she sees that impact society. She gives us an insider’s look into the world of a teenager, who unlike the over-emphasized few, just wants to be herself, stay substance-free, and remain forever young.

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Taylor Rhanee's Blog


Everywhere I look, I am surrounded by things that impact society. As a teenager, a lot of this is reflected in high school. I can never go in a bathroom without being engulfed by the horrid smell of cigarrette smoke and weed. It’s really sickening. I’m about to turn 16, and I don’t hardly know anyone that hasn’t spoken or drank alcohol before. I can say very proudly that I never have done either of the two. And you know, I feel like sex is totally just thrown around these days! Sex was never meant for that, and it isn’t right. Making love (or just sex) was intended for mature couples in love that were ready for commitment. Now all you hear about is teenage couples giving up their virginity. So many girls get called sluts, and SO many guys take advantage of girls. nobody should ever be asked to…

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Teenagers Have Wisdom Too…

**Part Two – Teens Can Write Too…coming October 21-27, 2012 as a part of BOOKTOBERFEST!**

Years ago I bet that no one could have imagined that “How to understand your teen” advice books would be a million dollar genre. 

It is just so funny that people actually pay others to help them know how to understand us.  My parents NEVER needed a guidebook on how to raise or understand me.  As my dad once said to me “you’re not that deep”, none of us are.

I have never understood why people would rather gossip about something or someone to others, or buy an advice book, or consult a consultant when there is someone who does or is that thing you are trying to understand in the same room.

Take this meme for instance:

There are various versions of this meme, with the “What I really do” section changed to sleeping or Facebook.

But it is extremely accurate: To share a little bit about myself, I went completely through high school without having a boyfriend, drinking, or doing drugs.  When I tell people this they are usually surprised because “I’m so social” as if that really has anything to do with it.   The truth is the reason why I did not do or have any of those things is because, I, like most teenagers was smart enough to know that I had better things to spend my time doing.

Most of us aren’t “promiscuous”, in fact if most of us had sex, it was only with one person.  Most of us don’t do drugs and drink, in fact if you asked most of us to list common (illegal) drugs we would only be able to name cocaine and marijuana.

My point: we aren’t all what you see on TV.  Just because we  mention that we want to lose weight or says that we are not hungry, doesn’t mean we have an eating disorder.  And just because we pick up our phones doesn’t mean we are on Facebook.

True fact: most of the time when people assume that I am texting my friends or on Facebook…I’m actually texting my mother (she texts people 24/7).

Of course, if we are on Facebook or Twitter so what…it’s just one more way I communicate & connect with people, it’s not that end of the world.

I have met teenagers who do it all, who are better at managing money than their parents are, who know what they want to do in their life more than most adults do, and who are wiser than people with a PhD.

Just because you are a teenager doesn’t mean that your words are meaningless, no matter what anyone tells you, you must NEVER forget that.  And to those adults out there: I will always respect my elders but I will NEVER  let anyone crush my dreams.  I know that it is hard, and I know that you want the best for us but we can do this.

The next time your teenager tells you that they want to be an artist, or a writer, or an actor tell them that you will support them no matter what, give them advice, but do not put your doubts on our shoulders.  

If there is any grand wisdom, any key to understanding teenagers, it is that all we really want is to be supported.  

I know that you might not “get” me all of the time but do try to remember that once you were like me.  

You had you dreams, hopefully you haven’t let those go, and you had your quirks…trust me those are definitely still there, but most of all you just wanted the world to listen to you and to know that you existed.

This weekend, in honor of teenagers, I will be reblogging 10 posts from teens that I feel show: 

Who we are, what we want, and how wise we can truly be.  

If there are any blogs you know of, written by a teenager, that fit this description please let me know 🙂

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