Spring Writing Bootcamp Check-In!

YAY!!! It’s Monday 😀 (How many times do you hear that, LOL?)


I’m excited because it’s my first Spring Writing Bootcamp Check-In!

What’s Spring Writing Bootcamp? It’s an awesome accountability bootcamp for writers. To learn more visit our amazing hosts, the YABuccaneers!

Mkay, so what’s up…

Last Monday I shared with you the main writing project I’m going to be working on this Spring. And though I stated my only goal was have fun, finishing my WIP would be a bonus, I had a secret goal of my own.

  • To have the MS reach 10,000 words by the end of the week.

Did I succeed?


However, I did make it to 8,726 words. And though I didn’t finish the “end goal scene” that would’ve made it 10,000, I did start it. And I left off at the most perfect place. My fingers are tingling, I can’t wait to start writing it!

According to the love of my life, Scrivener (haha), I’m well on my way to finishing this draft by April 20th, which is my end goal date as long as I write 1,458 words per day.

My goal for this week is also 10,000 words since that seems to be a pretty good motivator!

Here’s an excerpt from the first time Bria and Ty meet…it’s the original “first meet” scene I wrote however, I’m not sure this one is necessary so it might be cut, but for now, enjoy!:

I kneed the driver’s seat, and leaned as far as I could, trying to get a glimpse of my kidnapper. I yelled, not caring that whoever it was couldn’t hear me through the divider separating us. It was the same setup as Chels’s police cruiser.

Why would a cop kidnap me?

I clenched my jaw. This had better not be payback for earlier. I squinted as the sun began to glare though the windows. So much for beauty sleep.

I kneed the driver’s seat, again. “Let. Me. Go.” The car jerked to a stop at a red light. My kidnapper turned and slid open part of the divider. I stopped thrashing. It was a man who couldn’t have been much older than myself. His brown hair framed his face in waves that stopped at his shoulders, and his eyes twinkled as if something about this situation was funny. I pursed my lips. It wasn’t. He chuckled, shaking his head, and a curl fell across his face. He brushed it back and the corners of his brown eyes crinkled as his lips formed into a cocky smile.

My cheeks grew hot, and I looked away. He was kind of cute. I mentally slapped myself. Get your hormones together, Bria.  I took a deep breath. “Listen,” I said to him, but he’d already turned back around. “Whatever you’re doing, stop. Did Chelsea put you up to this?”

The guy snorted, and I furrowed my brow. Kidnappers weren’t supposed to snort.

I kicked the back of his seat, again. “Seriously.”

He chuckled to himself. “No one’s going to hurt you.” His voice was deep and rough like he was about to start laughing again.

“Well, let me go,” I said. What was this guy’s problem? This was not how you get the girl. Humpf. I slumped in the seat. Technically, I suppose it was. 

The houses changed from duplexes to gated mansions with wraparound porches and stately columns. From the building alone they screamed southern splendor, but from their rotting floorboards to their dusty chandeliers to the lawns that were more unkept than the bayou they were nothing but old. I’d grown up in such a house. Why were we in the Garden District? My kidnapper pulled the car over in front of a stop sign then opened the divider. In his right hand was the piece of tape that had covered my mouth. I turned my head from him and kicked his seat as he tried to put it on. “I’ll bite you, I swear.”

“I’m sure you will,” he said winking at me. He muttered a few words and my body grew rigid. My muscles locked and though I was screaming at my body to move, it wouldn’t. Couldn’t. Wizards. They never knew how to play fair. My heart was thudding, each heartbeat came faster than the other. Why had a wizard kidnapped me? Why was I in the back of a police cruiser? This was definitely not a prank.

The car stopped and we arrived, I supposed, at our destination. I took a whiff of the air and growled as I caught something utterly familiar. I should’ve known. He was always one for theatrics. I gritted my teeth.

My father was here.


When recent college grad Bria Thurman sets up shop as a freelance detective she figures, with her abilities, it’ll be easy money and will pay more than working at the local coffee shop–the only job she can get–would. Unfortunately, most of the cases she receives are requests from old ladies asking to her to find their cats. And old ladies don’t pay much, if at all.

But, when her best friend, a human cop, goes missing, while working on a set of grisly murders that’s got prominent New Orleanians showing up dead, Bria is the Supernatural, or Sup Council’s first go to gal because not only is she unaligned, meaning she’s free to go anywhere she pleases, she’s the best–well, technically, the only–clairvoyant in town. If she can get that nose of hers to work right.

To find her friend, and keep herself from having to take a job at her father’s hedge fund, a death sentence in itself, Bria must team up with Ty, a Sup cop and wizard who’s a little too Dark Fae for her liking. Together, it’ll be up to them to find the killer, before the case goes public. That is, of course, if the killer doesn’t find them first.

So much for easy money.

Have a great week! What are you working on?

Whimsically Yours,



14 thoughts on “Spring Writing Bootcamp Check-In!

  1. Awesome excerpt! And isn’t that such a great feeling when your fingers tingle and you just want to write, write, write?! So happy for you! Good luck this week with your goals!

  2. Holy submit, Patrice!!! 🙂 And I know you missed last week’s goal by such a small margin, but that only means this week, you’re going to kill it!

    And I’m a Scrivener fan, too — although I have a feeling I don’t know half of what it can do!

    Best of luck this week – I’ll check back in later to see how you’re doing!

  3. Hey Patrice!

    This time I’m commenting on your blog, and I have officially joined the Dark Side. Sounds like you’re off to a great start, and I am now officially looking forward to your book from the perspective of a reader (I love to read, that is why I now write.)

    Good luck and keep it up!

  4. Yay, Scrivener! I <333333 Scrivener so much. I'm not sure how I survived without it before (a.k.a. Pre-Scrivener). Anyhow! Kudos for the progress you've made. That's super-awesome. And the fact that you now have the tingly-finger thing going on? Even more awesome than hitting an exact word count. Have a great week, Patrice!

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