My Spring Writing Bootcamp Goals!

Hi Y’all 😀 Good afternoon!


It’s March, woohoo!! In honor of Spring, even though in Boston it’s still winter, the I’m joining the YA Buccaneers’ Spring Writing Bootcamp (yay accountability!).

For more info on the SWB, visit the YA Buccaneers’ blog to learn more (& sign-up) 🙂

SWB, as I’ve now dubbed it, couldn’t have come at a better time. I just finished a final revision/overhaul of a MS that taken me two years, three as of this summer, to complete. Many thanks to my CPs & Beta readers, you know who you are and you have saved me from insanity many times. I’m so glad I didn’t give up on it, but I’m even more thrilled to begin work on a new story. The one I’ll be working on is called THE SUP FILES it’s a NA Urban Fantasy that’s kind of like Lost Girl meets The Dresden Files. I love that it’s different from what I’ve been writing yet UF is one of my favorite genres to read (excerpt & blurb are below!).

Goal: I would love to finish it, but mainly I just want to have fun!

The blurb:

When recent college grad Bria Thurman sets up shop as a freelance detective she figures, with her abilities, it’ll be easy money and will pay more than working at the local coffee shop–the only job she can get–would. Unfortunately, most of the cases she receives are requests from old ladies asking to her to find their cats. And old ladies don’t pay much, if at all.

But, when her best friend, a human cop, goes missing, while working on a set of grisly murders that’s got prominent New Orleanians showing up dead, Bria is the Supernatural, or Sup Council’s first go to gal because not only is she unaligned, meaning she’s free to go anywhere she pleases, she’s the best–well, technically, the only–clairvoyant in town. If she can get that nose of hers to work right.

To find her friend, and keep the supernatural community a secret from the humans they live among, Bria must team up with Ty, a Sup cop and wizard who’s a little too Dark Fae for her liking. Together, it’ll be up to them to find the killer, before the case goes public. That is, of course, if the killer doesn’t find them first.

So much for easy money.

Excerpt from Chapter One:

I took of whiff of the crisp, nighttime air. I tapped my foot. Come on, nose. Do your thing. The wind howled as leaves blew across my face. Aside from that, the park was a still as ever. Dammit. I scrunched my nose. It was acting up, again.

“Here, kitty, kitty,” I called, getting on all fours. I squeezed my eyes then opened them, allowing them to adjust to the darkness. Not that that helped anything. My vision was 20-nothing. When one sense is heightened I suppose another has to be muted. Luckily for me, God chose my vision.

Alright, come on Bria. You’ve got this. What’s one little cat? I snorted. One little cat had been leading me across the entire city. First the Warehouse District, then the French Quarter, and then the cemetery. I shuddered. Cemeteries, ew. Now, I was in the middle of a park likely crawling on dog poop or something. “Come on, kitty,” I clapped my hands. It had to be here somewhere. When I’d picked up the cat’s sent from the cemetery, I got a vision of a sign for City Park. I’d been searching the park for the past hour. What was the point of being clairvoyant if I didn’t see complete images? I sighed, standing to go back to the car.

I’d just have to tell Mrs. Kato the truth: I was the worst detective ever.

I couldn’t even find a cat.

I can’t wait to continue my draft of THE SUP FILES! I have a few chapters down, and I’m in LOVE with Bria, Ty, and New Orleans so I know this will be quite the adventure!

Are you participating in YA Buccaneers’ Spring Writing Bootcamp? What else have you been working on?

Whimsically Yours,



16 thoughts on “My Spring Writing Bootcamp Goals!

  1. First, I am so, so glad that you’re joining us! *cheers* Second, your book sounds so good! I love the excerpt. 🙂 There’s something so … magical about New Orleans, and I love that you set your UF there. Love.

    Best of luck meeting your goals, Patrice!! I’ll be cheering you on!

    • Thank you, Bridgid! I’m thrilled to hear that. I love NOLA, it’s one of my favorite cities, and being the Anne Rice fan that I am, I just had to set it there.

    • Falling in love with my characters is one of the things I love most about writing!

      Congrats on finishing your draft 🙂 I get the feeling, it’s very bittersweet.

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