Monday Musings: Is That Manuscript Really Done?

Yes to everything said…from someone who pitched my first MS too soon, I can promise you will regret doing it. Maybe not at first, but when rejections start coming in saying great premise, just didn’t connect/felt a little stilted etc…you’ll wish you would’ve waited. This industry is so subjective; don’t put your own work against you.


I’ve struggled for the past week to come up with an idea for my post today. It may just be a post-Christmas break, non-blogging hangover – but I’ve had trouble coming up with inspiration. Then as I was going through my Twitter feed this morning I saw it:




My heart did a little pitter-pat thinking about this awesome event Brenda Drake puts on a couple of times a year. But then reality set in. While I would love to pitch my new YA manuscript, it is not ready. It still needs another round of edits, and more feedback from my beta readers and critique partners (CPs), before I can even think about that next step.


So here is the question for you: are you going to pitch? Should you? Are you sure? Because if you do, and you get a request, you MUST be ready to send…

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One thought on “Monday Musings: Is That Manuscript Really Done?

  1. Thanks for sharing this post. 🙂 I used to freak out every time I saw a pitch or query contest. Then I spent a long time thinking of a pitch that I often didn’t use, when I should have been working on my ms. Le sigh. Lessons learned!

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