The Trouble with GoldieBlox

YES, thank you for this! This is exactly my thoughts about the toy (GoldieBlox). While I commend GoldieBlox on the diversification of the three girls, the elaborate commercial that kept me watching to see what these girls had created, etc…the toy still stresses that we, girls, need “special toys”. It’s a start, yes, but it’s not the solution. I played with legos, my brother and I…he also played with my barbies, go figure (of course, Barbies are riddled with gender, etc…problems).

The point is, buy your daughter some legos. She’ll love them just as much. It’s society that creates these stereotypes (e.g. girls not good at/no interest in engineering). Not children. My little brother and I played with everything together, we could care less. We just wanted to have fun and be our mischievous selves.

Re-imagining Engineering

Over the last few days, a little video from a company called GoldieBlox has gone viral, with headlines such as: “This Awesome Ad, Set to the Beastie Boys, Is How to Get Girls to Become Engineers” (this particular headline via Slate).   Watch the video if you haven’t already: it’s utterly charming and features a quite impressive Rube Goldberg machine.  (And watch it quickly: the Beastie Boys are not amused with the re-purposing of their song, so who knows how much longer the video will be available!)  As the video’s viral spread across the internet continued, person after person emailed me, posted it on Facebook with my name tagged, and tweeted it at me, in many cases saying things like “Hey Michelle you’ll love this!”*  Time after time, I gave my rather lukewarm answer, that yes I thought the video was cool, but that I was rather less…

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