What’s Up Wednesday!!!


It’s What’s Up Wednesday time!  What’s What’s Up Wednesday?  Well… It’s this super cool awesome weekly meme started by Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk.  If you want to participate you should link your What’s Up Wednesday posts to the list on Jaime’s blog so that we can all stop by and say, “Hi!”

What I’m Reading

THIS: Haha, not really.

books my room

I need to read faster as I’m running out of space in my room!

#bookpeopleproblems #Cybils (…The whole purpose of the Kindle my dad got me before I left for college was so I could stop buying physical copies (because they take up space), so much for that.)

photo 1Currently, I’m reading SORROW’S KNOT by Erin Bow. I’ve heard some amazing things about this book and its author. It’s wonderful, beautiful, and rich. Also, take this for a first sentence, “The girl who remade the world was born in winter.” Who wouldn’t keep reading after an opening like that?!

I think I’m going to start doing a weekly roundup of YA books from 2013 I’m reading/have read. Maybe with some giveaways or five? Haha, I love books but I need to get rid of some of these…I am a college student after all. (LOL, I would love to see my parents faces if I shipped home a box of books…they’d probably tell me I need to start renting storage for all my books. My dad would “joke” about giving them away and my mom would ask what’s the point in having all of them.)

What I’m Writing

This should be renamed What I’m Revising (-__-).

Okay, it’s not that bad, I actually love revisions, yeah, I’m one of those writers…

photo 31. I’m revising ALEX DE VEGA. It hurts to say this, especially since I did get a request from the query (that’s still out on consideration!!! (I’m *trying* not to think about it)), but I think I might have jumped into querying too soon. I mean, it did go through revisions and reads but it was hands down my fastest write/read/revision cycle for a MS. That being said, I don’t think a lot needs to be changed, mainly the beginning which, when you’re querying, is everything…

2. I’ve been MS hoping a lot. I started writing this MG Fantasy/Adventure then a YA High Fantasy then a YA Sci-Fi Snow White Retelling (oh, yeah, it’s as good as it sounds…no biases here of course ;)). But then, thanks to Meg Cabot I was able to get back on track. You see, there’s this thing I do, that Meg knows about all too well…cheating. I have a tendancy to start one MS, preach about how I’m sososo in love with it then start another, “better” one, then another. Eventually I’m “working” on two to three projects and I say “working” because in reality, I’m not making any real progress with any of them. So, I’m back to the MG, it’s tentatively titles THE ARTIFACT COLLECTOR. I’m in love with it, I’ve received some amazing feedback from my Writing For Children class (more on this later), and though the story at time is hard the characters came so easily, as with Alex, because I have two siblings who are just like Kaia & Aaron.

The Blurb

After the disappearance of his batty yet kind aunt, Aaron Claremont and his sister Kaia inherit an antique shop holding artifacts from myths and fairy tales.  Now, in order to save her, they must journey to the Otherworld, a place where creatures/gods of myth and magic live, to defeat an evil sorcerer who wishes to take over the shop and thus the two worlds.

See the inspirational/companion Pinterest board! Also, if you want to check out my other WIPs, visit my writer website!

What Else I’ve Been Doing

It’s almost finals time, yay!!! Haha, no but really, I’m thrilled because that means it’s almost time for me to go home, finally *whew*. Notice, I didn’t say anything about Thanksgiving…well, that’s because my Thanksgiving break shall consist of me sitting in my room, writing papers with the occasional break to watch TV (i.e. catch up on Scandal & The Originals). Yep, that’s my life. If I have any followers in High School, cherish these moments. 

OKay, I honestly don’t know who I’m kidding. I “liked” HS (& middle & elementary) but college is great. I never would’ve realized my penchant for writing novels in 1-3 months had I not been in a place where that was as much time I could afford to devote to them, and that’s a stretch. Also, I’ve met some amazing people. Including…the people in my Writing For Children class. It’s amazing. I’ve been wanting to take this course since my first year and I finally managed to snag a seat. It’s a small class (<15 students), and we’re all such amazing writers. I can’t wait until we’re all published and I can say I remember that book when it was yay high. (not that I ever say things like that)

This has spurred me to consider, in addition to my honors thesis for PoliSci, an independent study with my professor of this class, who has already volunteered. Looks like I’ll I’ll be doing Senior year is writing. I think that’ll be the real test of my writing abilities. Well, thank goodness for Junior Spring since it doesn’t look like I’ll have much time to celebrate Senior Spring.

What Inspires Me Right Now

As some of you may know, I’m a bit obsessed with inspirational quotes. I currently have an amazing Muhammad Ali poster (with one of his quotes about the will needed to be a champion) beside my work desk and I plan on getting a Bruce Lee one (w/ a quote about doing instead of just thinking about accomplishing something) to compliment it.

Here’s one for thought:

confucius man mountain

Also, since I’m in Middle Grade Madness/Heaven right now, I’m inspired by the people I began writing these books for, my siblings. I write my YA for my younger self but my MG is all for them. I suspect that’s why dialogue comes so easy, I’m just remembering all the crazy things they say. Love y’all (see you soon!).

How have you been?  What’s inspiring you or rather, how do you inspire yourself?

Whimsically Yours,


P.S. If you’re in the Boston area, mark your calendars for this event (it’s THIS Sunday!)

time traveling YA


17 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday!!!

  1. I know what you mean about having tons of books. I’m in the same boat, which is always kind of an issue when we move. That said, I really can’t part with most of them. I did donate some (that I know I’ll never read again) to the local library, so that helps a bit.

    Have a great week!

  2. THE ARTIFACT COLLECTOR sounds so awesome (as does that Snow White retelling!) I wouldn’t sweat submitting ALEX too early. It can be devastating, but it’s happens to all of us. Something about hitting “send” makes all of the imperfections jump out. But if it’s meant to find a home, it will. Have you considered entering Pitch Wars? It did wonders for my ms (the one that got me signed) and I didn’t even get chosen for the final round! If that full you’ve got turns into an offer you can always pull out of the competition. Crossing my fingers for you and ALEX!! 🙂

    • Thanks Jayme! I’m actually planning on entering Pitch Wars. I won a first page critique from the author and some writers are swapping first pages for the contest. I’ve received some great feedback already so fingers crossed that this whips my first pages into shape because I really feel that’s where the problem lies. It’s not that the first couple pages aren’t good they’re just a bit slower than the rest of the MS.

  3. Ooh, your blurb is awesome! I’m totally intrigued. Best of luck with your finals and your revisions. I am also a revision-loving writer — so much easier than drafting! I read Erin Bow’s PLAIN KATE a few years ago and thought it was beautiful. I’m looking forward to checking out SORROW’S KNOT. Hope you have a great week, Patrice!

  4. You’ve got a lot going on, wow! Good luck with your query, your revisions and your thesis. As for me, I am now a creative writing thesis advisor among my other ventures. I also have a new adult romance novella coming out with Inkspell in Jan/Feb under my pen name, Kitsy Clare, so I’ve been busy with edits.

  5. Oooohhhh, you and I so have the same problem with too many books. However, I LOVE this problem. And I can’t part with any of them…of course, this means I have turned an entire room in our house in to my own personal library — which sadly, is running out of space. 🙂 I hope you find great homes for some of your books.

    And your Writing For Children’s class — yeah, that sounds like something I SO would’ve taken while in college! I regret not focusing on writing during my time there, especially now knowing how much a part of my life writing has become. I can only say, enjoy it while you’re there…I’d do just about anything to go back to high school and I’d love to do the whole college thing again, too!

    Hope you have a wonderful Turkey Day, even if you’re at school!

    • Thanks, Erin! The main thing I’ve always wanted in my house, aside from an amazing kitchen, bedroom & bathroom is a huge room for a library, with lots of windows that’s nice and cozy. I’d even give up the amazing bed & bathroom for that!!

      And I most definitely will savor it. Happy Turkey Day to you too!

      Also, congrats on signing with an agent!!!

  6. I’m impressed by your writing speed! Writing books in 1-3 months is awesome. College lets you have a lot of free time…I just haven’t been able to manage mine as effectively as I like, which is why I usually end up writing between the hours of 11pm and 3am…

    Also, Middle Grade is awesome!! I haven’t read much YA in a while, for some reason; I’ve been reading MG and adult (but mostly MG). Something about MG is just appealing; I’m not sure why…I don’t know if I’d ever try writing it, but good luck to you and your MS’s. 🙂

    • Thanks! The speed is great but with speed comes the need for more in depth revisions since when I write I occasionally will put, “fight scene, this person is wounded, etc…just so that I can rush through it and get the gist written. I usually increase my word count by 2,000-5,000 just by my first read-through & edit revision. Those are my best writing hours too, and early morning (6/7am, if I wake up).

      MG is wonderful. I think, for me at least, its that in YA I feel like I’ve heard it before but with MG it’s so fresh and uncharted that when I read something new I’m like wow, how did the author do that?!?.

      • I am constantly surprised by the thematic and storytelling risks that some MG writers take. It’s like they’re challenging what we think of as “kids” books. They have young protagonists, but many MG titles are ones that young adults and old adults (lol) could easily enjoy.

  7. Best of luck with your finals! And I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally hope the query brings good news 😀

    I love looking at other people’s bookcases. Yours look packed of great reads ^_^

    Have a wonderful week.

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