You Come First

Sometimes I get too stressed out. I let others affect me more than they should. It can become so frustrating. Between worrying about my friends, being involved in organizations I’m in etc…I often forget to take care of me.

Well…here it is. My pledge to myself. This Winter and for the rest of this year, I’m going to truly live up to the year I said it would be, the year of me.

I want to focus more on my writing and my grades. I’m so tired of trying to please other people, in the end it just zaps me of all my energy. I want to end this year saying I gave my dreams & my goals my all. This isn’t middle school anymore. The time of me caring for other people more than me is gone. The time for me sacrificing time and energy on things that, in the end, won’t make me any happier, is gone too. I’m tired of trying to please everyone.

One friend said it perfectly. It’s like, when we were born we were given a certain amount of “cares” (to substitute the actual word she used). Once you’ve cared so much, they’re gone. What’s left is an empty carcass that you need to refill.

I’m taking care of myself like my daddy told me to do years ago. I guess this is a long time coming.

…here’s to a day of writing bliss! & sleep.


4 thoughts on “You Come First

  1. “When we were born we were given a certain amount of ____” Heh, I think I can guess what your friend said. And I know the feeling. The thing is, if you try to sustain your level of cares past your capability to care, you just end up angry or sad and you snap all at once instead of dealing with things gradually, which makes everything so much worse.

    Also, I’m tagging you in a 10 questions blog hop interview thing. 🙂 The details are on my blog.

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