Don’t let controversy stop you from seeing “Ender’s Game”

My thoughts exactly, I’d rather go and support an amazing cast and one of my favorite actresses, Viola Davis…she’s going to kill it!!

The Wellesley News

By VICTORIA HILLS, Editor in Chief

I’ve loved Orson Scott Card’s writing for a decade, and intensely disliked Orson Scott Card for nearly as long.

I was 11 when I read his best-known novel, “Ender’s Game” (1985)—a masterful and magnificent work of science fiction about a boy who’s bred to lead an army of genius children in a war against an alien species. I was enchanted, and I quickly devoured his other books and short stories, all of which are similarly superb.

At some point, however, I began reading about Card himself, who is an outspoken opponent of non-heterosexual relationships and unions. His 1990 essay in Sunstone magazine shocked me. Laws prohibiting sexual behavior should persist, he wrote, “to be used when necessary to send a clear message that those who flagrantly violate society’s regulation of sexual behavior cannot be permitted to remain as acceptable, equal citizens within that society.”

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2 thoughts on “Don’t let controversy stop you from seeing “Ender’s Game”

  1. Bizarrely, every message in Ender’s Game seems to directly undermine all of Card’s poisonous, hateful crap. I don’t understand how someone so hateful could write a book like that. I think that boycotting the movie will undermine the true message of the book…hopefully the themes in the movie will stand for themselves.

    • I agree, it’s so weird, like when I heard about what he’d said/done against gay marriage I was like, oh well…you write a book that was so uplifting. I choose to ignore him and support!

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