What A Fool Believes

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The saying going “there is nothing new under the sun”, everything has been done before.  There is only a new spend on old ideas, a different perspective. So if there truly is nothing new, why are we so shocked (surprised) when shit happens. Only a fool would be surprised or someone who walks around with their head stuck up their butt.

We are truly in the matrix – living in someone else’s reality.  Most would rather take the blue pill (the illusion of safety and security), and stay asleep.  Only a few brave souls dare take the red pill (self-discovery, self-reliance, and self-mastery) and venture down the rabbit hole of endless possibilities.  This is a challenging path because you are alone, it takes courage, you will be under content attack from the mass herd those who keep their head down, and do what they are told).

Misery loves company, and…

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