You Can’t Run From Yourself

The present is the best future, is the best past.

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Most people live in the past, they will often embellish their past, remembering things a little bit different than it really happen. I call this ego protection, making your past seem so great because you have nothing going on presently. So we live in the past to not face the boring, uneventful, passionless lifestyle we presently live. Even if the past was so great, it’s the past, it only exist in your mind, meaning its not real. Don’t get me wrong the past can serve as motivation for the present, but it can’t take the place of the present. If events, pictures, and people from your past spur you to action presently, then that would be a good use of the past. However, if all you do is talk, watch TV, and watch life past you by, your past is worthless. Actually it’s detrimental to your well being because you’re…

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