Reading With Me Launch Day!!!



Happy, happy morning!  It’s finally here, the launch day of Reading With Me 😀

Wait…What’s Reading With Me?  You haven’t heard???


It’s is a fabulous virtual book club of awesome, concentrating on books released by Spencer Hill and Spencer Hill Contemporary. It’s a way to squee with fellow fangirls and fandudes about the latest Spencer Hill releases, authors, and to ponder the ever-present mystery of Where Is Spencer Hill? (Which is like Where’s Waldo? but with books and not a random dude in the same striped shirt over and over again.) At Reading With Me, we promote books that we’re excited about and our goal is simple: Read them. Love Them. Come back for more.

So you see why I’m so excited.  Reading With Me is all about the promotion of some amazing books by the most wonderful of authors *claps hands*.  If you follow Spencer Hill Press or Spencer Hill Contemporary you might have seen #SHRumors pop up within the past week.  Well, that’s all been a part of the fantastic creative team’s hint dropping scheme.  You seriously have to go look at those tweets, some of those rumors are pretty hilarious…all of them are true 😉

Now, being a SH Contemporary marketing intern, I’m a bit biased since I got to see Reading With Me become, well…Reading With Me but, still, it’s great!

Just look at these upcoming titles:

November 26: FIREBLOOD by Trisha Wolfe

As a part of the launch, bloggers were asked to talk about the upcoming title they’re most excited for. I honestly cannot pick one.  I will say that I’m especially excited for RECLAIMED and THE DOLLHOUSE ASYLUM because they’re the first two RWM books I’m heavily working on marketing for (I’ve worked with previous titled but not as much as these two) so that’s always a really cool feeling.  But all of these books are so great.  What I really love about these titles is how different they all are from each other.  Within RWM you really do have it all.  Interested in more Contemporary Romance, it’s there…time travel, check…kick butt heroines, double check…history, check…a dystopian society, check, Fantasy, check.  As a book-a-holic, this is the perfect combination to satisfy all of my book cravings (not that I still won’t be hungry for more, but still).

Fangirl gushing moment over.  Time to get back to reality…*opens a book* hehe.  Anyway, if you want to connect with reading With Me further, which you should check out the: Twitter / Facebook / Tumblr

Also, congrats to Catherine Stine for winning my giveaway of an ARC of Cristin Terrill’s ALL OUR YESTERDAYS!  And, I have 899 followers, when did that happen?!?!  …Thanks guys, love you too!
Whimsically Yours,

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