Inner Peace Award & Sunshine Award =)

HI!!!  Good Morning =)  I say good morning because it’s currently 3:55 AM right now.  Hopefully you’ll be enjoying this post at a much more reasonable hour.

Thanks to Julia of Julia the Writer Girl I was nominated for the twin awards the Inner Peace Award & Sunshine Award!  I’m honored.  Julia is an amazing writer who is doing some great things such as working on a young writers conference in Chicago she helps plan and has written many amazing novels she has blogged about that I hope to be able to buy one day (especially the assassin & the alternate reality one).

As per the acceptance rules, Seven Things About Me:

  1. I just got a new stuffed animal, his name is Christopher.   There’s the full family (he’s the cute little sea turtle in the front).  Also, his shell is detachable (so cool).   I want to buy him little dapper little outfits like this one: dapper chris

  2. I’m in the trenches (the querying ones…again), it’s all very bleh here.  For a while I was doing this bumming thing where I did nothing but be a bum and check my email every other minute (no but actually).  Then I was no, girl.  Not again.  You must stop playing the worry/let’s build our already high anxiety game.  So, I did.

  3. I started writing again.  Something new, fresh, it’s nice.  I realized the problem with everything else I’d been trying to start writing was that it didn’t speak to me like my first MS had.  I didn’t wake up in the morning ready to spew out long trains of story.  It was all very nothingness.  I needed a story that was more than a good premise, something that I had to write, that hit at my heart.  I found it.  And after a few killer opening lines (not biased at all…), more bumming, brainstorming, resisting another shiny new idea (or two) I was off.  Which is why it’s 4:29 AM and I’m still up (even though I have work at 9 AM *head desk*).  I knocked out roughly 1,700 words in 90 minutes so I’m taking that as my sign from above that this one’s a keeper/I’m not allowing myself to quit it.


 This is my current computer wallpaper…honestly no one gives advice like Nike.  So simple yet not always easy to follow.

4. I go to Wellesley College & I’m a rising Junior.  I’ve heard it’s a pretty good school (LOL) but sometimes I think I’d be happier traveling the world, living and writing.  Or just as well off at my local state school where at least I’d be near my family (yeah, I still get homesick I’ve just learned to keep myself busy enough so that it doesn’t hit me).  Yet I’m not sure if I would’ve rediscovered writing had I not had the first year experiences at/around Wellesley that I did & I have some great friends.  I just feel pulled, on one hand there’s writing, what I want to do and on the other there’s the path I feel I’m being pushed toward.  Sucks to suck because people are about to get a rude awakening…ain’t no body got time to not follow their dreams.

  5. I just started this amazing new journey/adventure with blogger & writer Raven Ashley.  It’s called Operation Diversity and you should read more about it & learn how you can join in on the fun 😉

  6. I’m now interning at Spencer Hill Contemporary (the contemporary imprint of Spencer Hill Press) under Cindy Thomas.  I LOVE it.  I’m interning in publicity so I’m getting to learn a lot about the little things that go into making a book’s launch, author’s career a success.  It’s wonderful & Cindy is such a great mentor.  SHP and it’s imprints are a great community so writers, bloggers, whatever you should keep an eye out…it’s worth your time (I don’t think there’s been a book I’ve read from them I haven’t liked…this includes before I got the internship.

  7. I’m becoming obsessed with Lana Del Rey.  Which is hilarious since I have called her (in the past) several insults, etc…I’ve always considered her to be a propped up princess who basically bought her fame.  Though this might be somewhat true, I can’t lie…there’s something about that lazy voice of hers that draws you in.

Here are my nominations (yes it’s only 7 not fourteen but hey…)

  1. The Writers Republic
  2. The Loony Teen Writer
  3. Bookcasey
  4. Geeky Book Snob
  5. Andrea R. Black
  6. Impressions of a Princess
  7. Kip Wilson Rechea

If You Were Nominated:

1. Display the logo on a post.

2. Thank the person who nominated you and link to his/her site.

3. State seven (7) things about you.

4. Nominate fourteen (14) bloggers and inform them via comment in their blog. (Don’t stress about the number, quality > quantity (unless it’s the first draft of a MS, I suppose)


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