July Contest Round-Up

And the pitch contests begin!

Sub It Club

SIC Contest Roundup

As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, Online Pitch Contests are everywhere these days! To help you keep track of the available contest opportunities, we’ll post a list each month of the upcoming contests we’ve heard about. We also have a Writing Contests Pinterest board, which we try to keep updated on all the contests we hear about, as long as the contest information is pinnable. (Check frequently, as some agents post writing contests on the spur of the moment with a 24-48 hour entry period, and you never know when such an opportunity might pop up.)

Please remember, not all contests are right for all people. Make sure to do your own research on each contest before deciding whether or not to throw your pitch into the ring! (Please read all rules before entering any contest!)

July 2013:

7/7-7/8: Pitchmas: Entries accepted  from Sunday 7/7/13 at 9am PST until Monday…

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