Sunday Morning Updates!

no post on sudnays(RIP Richard Griffiths)

Goodmorning readers 🙂  This has already been a very exciting & busy weekend, so much that I’d thought I’d post a “midweek” status report before my usual What’s Up Wednesday post.

me eating canoli1. On Friday, I went into Boston (for work) but was able to have some great times with friends at this amazing restaurant called Shabu-Ya.  I got to go to the aquarium (I got a sneak peak at the new top level to their aquarium…can’t show those pictures until after it opens on July 1st).  big turtle side tank

And I had my first canoli & french macaron (so good…more cool pics to come Wednesday).  Before dinner, I went from bookstore to bookstore making it my mission to find a few of the books on my “Diversity in YA” shelf (the link is to my goodreads shelf as my blog page isn’t up to date) I wanted to read first (Found all of them minus Bill Konigsberg’s book Openly Straight…I might have to order that one, also his blog is great too!).  It wasn’t easy, I think that goes to highlight how hard books with main characters who are a person of color and/or queer are to find.

After much searching, here’s what I bought:

gay books

(left to right: Proxy by Alex London (you can read the 1st 3 chapters), Huntress by Malinda Lo (companion to Ash) & Ash by Malinda Lo)

And yes, I did say bought…I don’t buy books often but I’ve decided to make it a rule of mine to support authors who are actively trying to write in diverse characters by reading their books, blogging about them & buying them.  Proxy by Alex London was easy to find, I got it from a B&N however the others weren’t there nor were they at any B&N in Boston.  So, 1. because I’m trying to move toward supporting independent bookstores and 2. because I figured I’d have a better chance in finding it because the store has more freedom (b/c not a part of a chain, etc…).

(Malinda Lo)

malinda lo authorI started reading Ash by Malinda Lo (p.s. she has a great blog & co-founded Diversity in YA site/tumblr) and let me say her writing is seemless, it flows so naturally, I really do feel like I’m reading an old story retold (which it is, it’s a Cinderella retelling with MC falling in love w/huntress not Charming).  I don’t understand how she’s not a NYT bestselling author…well, actually I do (ugh, politics & people) because everything is on point about this book…sadness.  And it’s sad because although we all know bestseller lists like NYT aren’t perfect still, for the author, it does matter I’m sure & it matters in terms of “outsiders” looking at a books worth.  There is honestly no reason why someone shouldn’t read this book because it has lesbians in it, it’s better written, better storytelling than a lot of popular books.

touched and dollhouse SH ARCs-I got my ARC of Stalked by Death (Touch of Death #2) by Kelly Hashway & I’m so excited to read it…loved Touch of Death!! I also got this cool bookmark of The Dollhouse Asylum by Mary Gray (can’t wait for this one!!).  Now that I work for Spencer Hill it’s so interesting to get these things and fully understand (or beginning to) the work that goes into the marketing of them and while I’m biased, I will say that Spencer Hill Press & SH Contemporaryd put a lot of effort into book publicity and working with authors on marketing…you can really tell this with the innovative swag that accompanies some of the ARCs/at conferences, etc…Can’t wait for my ARC of Camp Boyfriend to ship (so pumped!!).

-I finally celebrated finishing my (5th?) draft of BLOOD OF ISIS & my blog birthday (so much that I’m probably am good until my birthday).  AND, today while bumming around I came up with ways to fix/make awesome a few story bumps I knew I needed to address in BOI.  (See, taking a break from your book baby (even if a small one)  really does work wonders)  Now I’m back at it, I’ll most likely finish everything tomorrow, send it off to a couple betas then begin work on my new WIP(if I ever decide which one to start) for Camp NaNoWriMo in July!2013-Participant-Campfire-Circle-Badge

-Oh and I left my phone in a taxi Friday and it would’ve been my third or fourth phone lost this year (bad luck + stupidity) if the driver hadn’t kindly brought it to my school (for which I paid for dearly…).  And I went grocery shopping & decided I’m going to live off books & AB&J (AB = Almond Butter) because groceries are too damn expensive (I don’t know how people can stand to see that much money go away just like that for stuff that has such a short lifespan).


6 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Updates!

  1. It is hard to find books with a diverse main cast. There’s often a diverse friend, but sometimes that ends up feeling like a token character instead of real diversity (for example, I was reading ‘Bitterblue’, and I think the gay male characters are queer so that no one tries to marry Bitterblue off to one of them). I’m always looking books featuring more diverse characters, so I’ll have to check out the ones you recommended here. Or, you know, write one myself 🙂

    • I agree, Nickie. I actually heard a lot of complaints about how the author handled the gay characters in Bitterblue, never read it myself though. I like what you said…writing one yourself is always a great way to go!

      Glad to see you’re back to blogging 🙂

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