Happy Blogoversary To Us :)

Today is my blog’s 1st year blogoversary!!!

Or rather our first year blogoversary because without you this blog wouldn’t be the same.  I had this elaborate idea for what I was going to say in this post.  It was supposed to be uplifting, make you wanna cry and dance at the same time kinda post but you know what, there’s no need.  I know what this blog has done for me, magic, pure magic.

I will say this: In this year I’ve grown and I’ve fallen, built myself back up only to break myself back down.  Not to mention I finished revising my WIP, BLOOD OF ISIS, just a couple hours ago so yes, dreams really do come true.  I’ve gone very far off the path from my blog’s original message and I’ve come full circle…so I guess we like, Started from the Bottom, now we here?  (A friend of mine always likes to include Drake references, guess it has caught on)









Always & forever…Whimsically Yours,


What are some of your recent accomplishments?


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