What Is Normal Behavior?

If everyone was normal, nothing interesting would ever get done. Normal reminds me of setting on an appliance…be yourself, not a machine. -Patrice

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To begin with normal isn’t normal, what’s normal today wasn’t always normal. And who decides what’s normal anyways? Is there a normal behavior police out there enforcing, writing tickets and arresting people who break the normal behavior law? Of course not, but there are the controllers and their flunkies who create and direct society along the path they want. These controllers influence society through school, media, advertisements, politics, religion, law, movies, music, etc…

So I think it is extremely important that we ask this question “what is normal” because whoever controls what’s normal behavior, controls you. I know you think that you’re making your own decisions, and like what you like, and do what you do. But have you given any thought to who or whom is influencing your behavior? Why do you walk around with your pants sagging, showing off your underwear? Why are the average man and woman…

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