A (Belated) Letter to my Father for Father’s Day

Dear Daddy,


I know, Father’s Day has passed.  And while hopefully, you’ve received my card (and I know you got my call), I was always taught that thank yous are better given late than never so with that, I “pen” this letter to you.

Father’s Day.  A day where we’re supposed to honor our fathers.  Like mother’s day and so on and so forth, I’ve always thought these days to be rather cruel for they influence a strong othering of those who have no mother or father figure at all.  Especially in this age of technology, one can’t help but get on Facebook without seeing streams of pictures of siblings, fathers, mothers, grandparents, etc…on their respective day.  You being the man you are, I know you’d be happy ignoring such days and just celebrate others who’ve helped you as you choose.  I get that, I really do.

But sometimes we forget.

I know we shouldn’t, I know I shouldn’t especially after all the things you’ve done for me, all the times you’ve been there, but I do.  I don’t forget you, I just forget to thank you.  Maybe it’s because if I didn’t, I’d never stop.

Thankfully, I’ve been blessed to not only have a father but to have an amazing one.  You have always accepted me, even when I was sure you wouldn’t, held my secrets without me even asking, and supported and loved me even when I know you were disappointed in me.

I guess that’s what parents do, good ones at least.

So following in suit with this wondrous, dangerous, and strangely open age of technology, I would like to state my thanks, for the things you’ve done, to the world (at least anyone who should stumble upon this post).

  • Thank you for always following your dreams
  • Thank you for always supporting mine.  I just love how you always tell me sure, do it, I don’t care what you do as long as you’re happy and can take care of yourself (of course if I decided to become a FBI/CIA agent that might change)
  • Thank you for taking care of yourself, you’re such a crazy old man that it reassures me that you’re at least mentally and physically healthy enough to do the things you do
  • Thank you for allowing me to laugh at you, like seriously…I know you think you can sing but…well, we’ll just keep that one between us
  • Thank you for being mean, or at least trying to.  I think I caught on sooner than the rest that your scariest side is your disappointment not your anger which is always coated on top of a smile (or at least can be made into a smile)
  • Thank you for being weird, like really weird.  Between you and mama, I don’t know how I stay sane but hey, maybe that’s why I’m a writer
  • Thank you for being you 🙂

LOL (lots of love)


P.S. you can find him at jawanzasankofa.com

Whimsically Yours,



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