The Sunday Scoop (June 1-16, 2013)

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Yeah, I know…The Sunday Scoop is supposed to be weekly but I’m still getting back in the routine I lost during midterms/finals time (next Sunday, back on schedule, promise!) …without further ado, here’s what happened, the first two weeks of June,  in the world of publishing:

the sunday scoop

Side Note: A lot of pub news had to do with the big eBook price fixing case(s), so, although I love court cases (PoliSci major, hehe) I’ve tried to condense & add in other things 🙂 (for more background you can read an article I wrote on it)

eBook Price Fixing Case Updates – June 7-13th

Background: U.S. v. Apple et al. is a case which will decide if five of the big six publishers (Hachette, Macmillan, Penguin, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster (who have all settled)) and Apple colluded to fix eBook prices.

June 7th – “The Department of Justice shared direct testimony from three Amazon executives about tempestuous negotiations over the agency model for setting eBook prices in 2010.” Read the full GalleyCat Article!

June 12th – “Macmillan CEO John Sargent returned to the witness stand again on the sixth day of the Apple e-book price fixing trial, followed by Apple executive Keith Moerer, a key figure in the negotiation of the agency pricing agreements in question.” Read the full Publishers Weekly Article!

June 13th – “Although Hachette CEO David Young was ostensibly the star of the seventh day of the Apple price fixing trial, it was Apple lawyer Orin Snyder that really grabbed the court’s attention at the end of the day. Beyond his relentless questioning of a government expert witness about what he called factors other than Apple’s MFN that may have forced Amazon to accept agency pricing, Snyder essentially went ballistic when he learned that Random House COO Madeleine McIntosh would not be required to appear in court.” Read the full Publishers Weekly Article!

June 13th – “If there was a conspiracy to push Amazon off its $9.99 e-book pricing, Apple was not part of it, testified Apple senior vice president Eddy Cue in his long-anticipated turn on the witness stand at Apple’s e-book trial. In front of a packed courtroom, Cue testified that he had no idea whether any of the six publishers with which he was negotiating at the time were communicating with each other, whether in phone calls, meetings or dinners.” Read the full Publishers Weekly Article!

OpenDyslexic Font Helps Readers with Dyslexia Read – June 10th

“Designer Abelardo Gonzalez has created OpenDyslexic, a free, open-sourced font that can help people with dyslexia read a book more effectively.” Read the full GalleyCat Article!

Kenn Nesbitt Named Children’s Poet Laureate – June 11th

Poetry Foundation created the post “to raise awareness that children have a natural receptivity to poetry and are its most appreciative audience, especially when poems are written specifically for them.” Read the Full GalleyCat Article!

ABFFE Joins Campaign Against NSA Surveillance – June 12th

“The American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression (ABFFE) has joined a number of other civil liberties organizations, including the ACLU, to protest the National Security Administration’s surveillance of Americans’ Internet activity and phone records. The recently revealed news of the NSA’s actions spurred ABFFE and the other groups to write an open letter to members of Congress.”  Read the full Publishers Weekly Article!

Public Libraries Outnumber McDonald’s (& Starbucks) – June 14th

“Institute of Museum and Library Services statistician Justin Grimes mapped all 17,000 public libraries in the United States, revealing there are more public libraries (about 17,000) in America than outposts of the burger mega-chain (about 14,000). The same is true of Starbucks (about 11,000 coffee shops nationally).” Read the Full GalleyCat Article!


-Happy 30th Anniversary, Reading Rainbow! – June 6th Read the Full GalleyCat Article!

-NYPL Reminds Patrons ‘Why Children’s Books Matter’ – June 13th Read the Full GalleyCat Article!

-Oxford English Dictionary Adds ‘Tweet’ & ‘Crowdsourcing’ – June 14th Read the Full GalleyCat Article!

And that’s all folks!

What are you thoughts on what’s going on in publishing and do you have any publishing (etc…) news of your own???

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