Yep, I just got mail *sings Blue’s Clues mail song*!!! And while all mail doesn’t make me want to wag my tail, there’s something special about book mail.

all our yesterdays

I went to the post office expecting the package my mom sent me, and came back with my ARC of ALL OUR YESTERDAY’S (of course, the package would’ve been nice…I miss my snacks)!!!

Guess what?  It’s a Time Travel YA 🙂  I’ve been postponing the start of my own time travel book (A. because I have other WIPs I started first & B. because it’s going to be a real mind challenge).  However after reading this one I have a feel my characters will be about ready to beat me if I don’t start their story.  *sighs* what’s a writer to do?

(from the looks of the Goodreads page, the final version will have a different cover, FYI)

Anyway, I’m excited.  I’m participating in the blog tour of ALL OUR YESTERDAY’S so you won’t be seeing the review of it until late August/early September but below is the book blurb, just to get you ready!  Here’s the author, Cristin Terrill’s, inspiration video (I highly recommend it).

And if you want, you can also check out my time travel blurb (you’ll have to scroll down…it’s the second to last one 🙂

“You have to kill him.” Imprisoned in the heart of a secret military base, Em has nothing except the voice of the boy in the cell next door and the list of instructions she finds taped inside the drain.

Only Em can complete the final instruction. She’s tried everything to prevent the creation of a time machine that will tear the world apart. She holds the proof: a list she has never seen before, written in her own hand. Each failed attempt in the past has led her to the same terrible present—imprisoned and tortured by a sadistic man called the doctor while war rages outside.

Marina has loved her best friend James since the day he moved next door when they were children. A gorgeous, introverted science prodigy from one of America’s most famous families, James finally seems to be seeing Marina in a new way, too. But on one disastrous night, James’s life crumbles apart, and with it, Marina’s hopes for their future. Now someone is trying to kill him. Marina will protect James, no matter what. Even if it means opening her eyes to a truth so terrible that she may not survive it. At least not as the girl she once was.


Whimsically Yours,



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