WIP Updates!!!!

Hey Readers!  I’m so so excited to give you a special preview of my current/forever work-in-progress, BLOOD OF ISIS!!!  As you might know I’ve been working on this story forever (no, not really…only a year).  I wrote it last summer, edited it by the Fall, thought I was finished, started querying, got only one full request (ended in a no), worked with the amazing Taryn Albright, and realized I needed to go back to the drawing board and rework the plot.  I’m currently rewriting it and hope to be done by the time of WriteOnCon so I can get help perfecting my query, etc…

But here it is, I’d love to hear your comments but please remember this is a work-in-progress so it’s nowhere near its final version (even though the story will be staying the same).

Getting killed isn’t likely for the first day of a pre-college summer program. But that’s exactly what almost happens to seventeen-year-old Aziza Harper when she receives a mysterious jewel, from an old woman in Cairo, and is attacked by a classmate who sprouts a lion’s head and turns into the ruthless Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet.

To make matters worse, her grandma disappears and Aziza is dragged from the trashed apartment by teenagers claiming to be descendants of Egyptian deities. They are the Peacekeepers, members of the Order of Ma’at — an ancient society charged with keeping the balance between the mortal world and the world of the gods. To her dismay, Aziza is the one they’ve been waiting for, the heir of Isis, the one to whom the Blood of Isis, an ancient jewel holding Isis’ blood — with the power to give and take away life — will appear. The descendant fated to defeat the power-hungry god Seth thus restoring peace to the cosmos by ending a centuries old war between the agents of chaos and those of the light.

Now Aziza her newfound companions have until her eighteen birthday — four days away — to find the Eye of Horus and Eye of Ra. Two amulets that when combined with Isis’ blood will have the power to lock away Seth’s body and soul, forever. But to succeed, defeating Seth is not all Aziza must do; she must learn to trust in herself and her companions to find the real source of the chaos, the one who try to destroy them all.

If she fails not only will Aziza lose her life but she’ll lose the lives of the only friends she has ever had.


BLOOD OF ISIS (Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy; Word Count: … is a work-in-progress; I am currently in the process of rewriting it.


Also don’t forget to read the newly updated first chapter!  And share with me your (life/book…) updates as well 🙂

Whimsically Yours,



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