On the Importance of (Finding & Following) Your Passion

Hi Readers!

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend! I’m at Martha’s Vineyard with the fam for the weekend which makes it a little difficult to post (no/crappy-wifi). Since that’s the case I thought I’d share with you something I wrote for The Rountable, an online publication some of my friends at Wellesley run.

Hope it inspires you!

Why we rebel so much from our passion, I don’t exactly know. I would guess it has something to do with FEAR or as my dad likes to say, False Evidence Appearing Real.

Fear is contagious. If others are fearful, if they have let their passions fall to the wayside, I can almost promise you they will try and project their fear on you. This is why so many of our parents or older relatives prefer for us to become doctors and lawyers rather than artists. It’s not so much that one is “better” than the other but that one has a less direct, less “stable” (whatever that means) path. Frankly, I believe stability is the beginning of the end to passion while some believe instability is like a disease, a plague.

Everyone around us has stability and that one relative who doesn’t well, they’re the black sheep, we don’t really talk about them. So to be unstable, to live a free lifestyle, is to have something wrong with us, like we need to be treated or something.

To me, stability is the actual disease, and passion is the cure.

Life is hard. If you’re not passionate about what you want to do, you’re not going to make it. In fact, why even try if you’re not passionate about it, you might as well just take a desk job.

I rarely say this out loud (because naysayers always follow), but I’m a writer. Not an “aspiring writer”, a writer. My passion is writing, and reading because a great writer is an even better reader (it’s how we learn & improve our craft). I want to be published or nearly there by the time I graduate college, and a NYT bestselling author before I’m 25. It’s a little crazy, right, I mean it sounds crazy. My secret, I love the crazy.

Writing is my passion, therefore, I’m following it. Because it is my passion, even when I get frustrated I still love it because, honestly, I couldn’t live without doing it. I understand that writing, the ability to spend time writing, is a luxury, however for me, it’s a priority. Before the Physiological needs section of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is writing (seriously, I forget to eat, sleep, etc… while I’m writing all the time, not good, I know). While others my age are out partying or socializing, I’m outside or in my room, reading or writing. Even when I’m doing those things I’m most likely thinking about some book I’m reading or mentally writing a scene.

I often hear people saying there isn’t enough time for them to do the things they love, well in many cases my response is make time. I’m young, single, without children, and healthy…why should I wait until after I’m stable, after I’ve worked my butt off in a cubicle, to enjoy my life. I want to live, like really live, as a writer I build my stories off the world, I can’t/I don’t want to do that from a stuffy office.

There was once a time I thought all I wanted was to be rich and famous, now I’d be happy with a few awards on my shelf, the ability to get up and leave whenever I want, and dedicated group of people who love and understand my work just as much (or nearly) as I do.

Don’t leave your passion in the dust, trust me, in my 20 years I’ve done that and worse. It’s like you’re playing Monopoly, you’ve nearly bankrupted yourself, and just when you finally pass ‘Go’, you land on ‘Income Tax’. To say the least, it sucks.

So when people ask me why I’m so chill sometimes, this is why. I’m as happy as can be. Why wouldn’t I, I have friends, family, and I already have my life figured out. Not the details, I’m a pantser (writer talk, look it up) what fun would that be, but the heartstring stuff, the stuff that matters. I know I’m going to accomplish my goals, even on the bad days, there’s not a doubt in my mind about that. And to all of you who haven’t found your passion, don’t worry. You will find it. That is not the question. The question is if, when you do find it, will you be strong enough to follow it.

Whimsically Yours,

-Currently it’s posted on the Rountable FB page but it also be up on the full website within a few days. Thanks for letting me repost this, Annie!

What’s your passion, how did you find it? If you haven’t what are your dreams for your life?



5 thoughts on “On the Importance of (Finding & Following) Your Passion

  1. This is a great post, Patrice! I absolutely love everything you said. 🙂 My favorite quote is this one: “To me, stability is the actual disease, and passion is the cure.” YES! Follow those passions! Live life! 🙂 And enjoy your vacation! 🙂

    • Hi Amanda!

      Thanks for stopping by, so glad you liked it!! Yes, that’s one of my favorites as well, haha 🙂

      Passions will be followed…also how’s your writing going? Let me know when you put out something else (I’d love to help organize a blog tour or something).

      • Writing is going well- thanks for asking! I released book 2 in April (Teen Fury: Embraced) and am working hard on book 3- the final book in the trilogy. 🙂 You’re so sweet to offer to help promote! xoxo

      • Oh really!? I’ll have to go and get me a copy then! Of course, it’s a great story & you know I love mythology 🙂

        Happy Writing!

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