It’s Mathematics

Another wonderful post from my father. Why should you read it? Well, taking care of yourself is #1 or should be. If you’re not healthy (not skinny or thin, healthy) etc…you’re just not going to make it. Obesity, anxiety, something will claim you before you’re even able to create good work or while you’re in the middle of creating good work.. Don’t let bad habits that can be easily fixed, stop you from living your life (and by living I mean really living…eating fast food every day isn’t living, that’s being lazy). -Patrice

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BT + SR – CS + WF – SAD = LB

Above is my equation for a lean body (LB).  Let’s start with BT (Burst Training) short intense bouts of exercise.  The science shows this to be a great way to get in shape, and melt away body fat.  Hard training is great but without sleep/rest (SR) the body can’t grow, repair and get stronger.  We often overlook sleep but inadequate sleep can affect our memory and daily performance.  Too little sleep can also lead to increased blood sugar and elevated blood pressure.  The next function we need to subtract  from our lives is (CS) chronic stress – recurring, long-lasting stress (worrying, anxiety). Stress is a risk factor in all major lifestyle diseases.  Why do we stress?  Well, multiple reasons from money, jobs, relationships, health and family, but the bottom line is stress wreaks havoc on our…

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