The Versatile Blogger Award!!!


I love blog awards, they really make me feel so proud of the work I’ve done/am doing, and thanks to Lauren at the blog, ‘Books, Tea, & Me’, I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award!!!

Out of my three blog awards this is the one I’m most happy of because as you all probably know I blog about any and everything and for Lauren to say my blog is inspiring just goes to prove that you don’t have to limit yourself in the paths you choose, take whatever paths you want and let yourself and your passion do the talking.

So without further ado, here are seven things about myself!

  1. Amethyst is my birthstone as well as my favoriet stone.  I have two Amethyst rings which I wear daily, the first of which I got as a graduation present because I could really care less about a high school graduation ring which leads me to my next fact that…
  2. I really didn’t like high school, sure I fit in and sure I had a pretty good “social status” but I never really was able to feel like I could be myself, the closest I ever got was while doing theater and during my senior year (new school, new town) which is funny because I was practically a loner for most of that year.
  3. I want to live life like really live life, not work in some job I hate for years only to have it “pay off” when I’m forty but by that time I’m too complacent to take risks and really live…I used to think I wanted it all, big house, luxurious lifestyle, everything but now, I’m not so sure, sometimes I think I’d be happiest spending my days in a little cottage by the sea writing and travelling
  4. Going off that, I think what I really want to do is write, forever.  And I know forever is an awfully long time and it’s hard nowadays for writers to support themselves with just writing but my faith in myself has gotten me this far so I don’t see why I shouldn’t try
  5. I’ve been through some really dark times, done some things that made me unable to even look at myself, and it has taken a while and I’m still not completely there yet but laughter really has been my best medicine
  6. I love my family.  Love them so much it hurts because often I feel I can’t tell them things about myself for fear of disappointing them, again but that’s the crazy thing about love continue to feel it, even when it hurts, knowing that the sun will rise each day giving us the strength and ability to go on
  7. Last night I finished rewriting and restructuring my WIP, BLOOD OF ISIS.  It’s still not there yet, the ending isn’t just right and the word count has decreased significantly, so significantly I know I’m not truly finished yet but I’m one of those writers who enjoys revising and editing just as much as writing and way more than rewriting.

And lastly, my nominations are:

FYI, nominees, for the Versatile Blogger award, you must:

  1. Post the logo above.
  2. Accept the nomination and link back to the blog that nominated you.
  3. Share seven things about yourself.
  4. Nominate blogs and inform them of the nomination.

Thanks again, Lauren!!!

Whimsically Yours,



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