My Dearest Wellesley College…

As I sit here in my dining room table, in my father’s house in Texas all I can think about is you, Wellesley, when all I should be thinking about is U.S. History Since 1865.  

…Now, as you might know multicultural space on this campus is limited or rather restricted by, well, yourself.  We, “the multicultural” are not even given the luxury of hanging out with each other in a space that is solely ours.  While other “comparable institutions” have a multitude of multicultural spaces, we only have a couple.  And this is a plea I’m sure you’ve heard throughout the years, from various students and student groups.  A plea that you, my dearest Wellesley College, continuously choose to ignore.

But you see, the interesting thing is that, I/we/you would have finished off the school year without a single other “multicultural space incident  had it not been for your foolishness.  Now first, before I elaborate let me applaud you for your cleverness  I mean only you would have thought to do such a crazy thing as this during one of the craziest times of the year: Spring Finals.  A time when the main focus (for pretty much all students) is wrapping up the year in order to graduate/go home, to an internship, etc…  You knew this is when we would be the most stressed, tired and altogether concerned with (mostly) ourselves.

Now for all those who don’t know/haven’t figured out what I’m talking about please see below:

Take some time, go back and read it, pinch yourself if need be.  Now open your eyes… yes, it’s still there.  I understand that Schneider is being renovated/demolished but the old Hoop closet, really??? Have you actually stepped foot in that thing.  No, you obviously haven’t.

…What you did was not only rude but well, it was… Just. Plain. Wrong.  But honestly, I don’t know why I’m mad at you.  What I should be doing is thanking you.  So thank you, Wellesley.  Thank you for always reminding me, no matter how far I am from you, never, ever to get comfortable because just when I do, you’ll be sure to remind me, either directly or indirectly, that Wellesley just wasn’t made for my multicultural self.

-If you’re as mad as I am about this please read the wonderful letter some multicultural leaders have composed in response to the administration’s request, and sign the petition

Now back to studying because remember an A costs the same as a B/C/D, and I don’t have any more time to give to Wellesley’s mess (especially since I’ll be working with these people all summer).

 Whimsically Yours (as soon as I watch some Disney Channel movie with my sister & finish my finals),


**To all those to whom this is directly affecting 1. stay strong (dance around in your room like crazy if you have to) and 2. ❤ 🙂 (also thank you for all you’ve done thus far)**


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