Updates – 1/23/13

Good Afternoon Readers!


I like to think of a new year as a time to get better organized and to really figure out what it is you want to focus on in the upcoming year.  Sure, it would be great if we could just dabble in everything 24/7 and lead a happy and productive life but coming from someone who is has been/is the queen of over dabbling and over committing for years, that’s just not the way you want to live your life.  Sooner or later, it’ll all catch up to you.

And quite frankly it has.  I’m tired of doing everything.  So this semester (in college) I’m streamlining everything so that next semester I can focus on what really matters (a couple of orgs and my writing).

Because of this, last night & this morning I had the grandest time revamping some things because I want to get serious about my writing career.  Yes, I do consider myself to be very serious about it but I wanted to fully show it as well as clean up some things and create new things.

Social Media Buttons!!!  (niftybuttons.com)

social mediaI got rid of my links page and instead got easy to use & see buttons linking to all my social media outlets (yep, I have a lot…I’m a teen, it’s what we do).

The Sunday Scoop

the sunday scoop

What: A Weekly roundup of the previous weeks publishing headlines & other updates.

Why: I love reading publishing newsletters such as Publisher’s Weekly and Galley Cat & I’m always sharing updates via twitter so I figured why not compile them all into a weekly post.

When:  Every Sunday, starting this Sunday (1/27)!!!

Writer Resources

A collection of posts by myself or others that I have found helpful so far on my writer’s road.

A Redesigned PatriceCaldwell.com

patrice blog design

I’m also going to be ordering business cards:

business cards

I’m thinking simple is best for now but I might get some with BLOOD OF ISIS’ tagline/hook on it for when I go to conferences.

I updated my bookshelf!

Finally, I know right.  Well I’m very pleased with it, it’s a nice mix of indie, big publishing houses, and small press published books.  I’ll update this on my book review policy page but I think I’m all booked for reviews pretty much through March & part of April.  Of course, exceptions have been known to be made, so shoot me an email regardless.

Thoughts?  Updates of your own?  How are you getting & staying organized during the new year?

Whimsically Yours,


P.S.  Don’t forget to enter my giveaway of a $25 Amazon gift card – entry window closes Feb.12!


10 thoughts on “Updates – 1/23/13

  1. Whew! Sounds like a pretty good overhaul. I like the idea of streamlining your links — it’ll make it easier for visitors to add you on those sites. And that’s awesome that you’re booked up for reviews! Sounds like you got a lot of good reading in your future.

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